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10 Easy Ways To Tell If You've Fallen In Love

True love is a wonderful thing, but it can also drive you crazy. But how do you know when you’ve found it, and if what you have is the real deal? 

Poets, philosophers and writers have mused over love for centuries, so it’s understandable if you are more than a bit confused about it. If you’re trying to figure out if you’re truly in love, take a look at these ways to tell if it's love and see if you have found your soulmate.  

The main attraction

Once upon a time you could spot a hot guy a mile off, now you only have eyes for one man. Actually, you can’t stop thinking about him! You can blame the dopamine for that. The neurotransmitters pumping around your brain are looking for that euphoria you feel when you think of your beloved. So when you think about them there’s more activity in the reward centers in your brain and so you build an attachment. So it must be love! 

Missing them when away

When you’re apart from your partner do you long to be with them? If you’re not sure if you are in love think about how you feel when they go away. Research into personal relationships has found that how much people miss each other is related to how committed they feel to the relationship. So if he’s away and you can’t wait until you see him again, then baby it’s love! 

Bringing out the best

When you’re in love, the person you’re with will bring out the best in you.  Does the person make you feel sexy, beautiful and desirable even when you are wearing your most casual clothes? Do they make you feel important and that your opinion counts? If you answer is ‘Yes’ then it must be love. If you feel inadequate or awkward when you’re together then they might not be ‘the one’.

You feel it in your gut

The older you get the more you realize you should trust your intuition. What intuition really is, is everything you have learnt over the years in disguise. It’s a feeling deep down that we often ignore, especially when it comes to love. Your heart will also let you know if you’re in love, just learn to listen. Take a quiet moment and close your eyes and ask yourself, am I in love? You should know the answer.

Dealing with flaws

Things that drive you mad in other people barely scratch the surface when it’s your significant other. Everyone has flaws, so if you’re looking for a flawless person to have a relationship with then you are probably not ready for love. If the flaws are too much for you to handle then you’re probably not in love. Loving someone means you love them for the good, the bad and the ugly. 


You value their opinion

When you’re making a big decision do you pick up a phone and give him a call to see what he thinks? If you’re really in love you will value each other’s ideas and opinions on everything from career decisions to politics. If you have to make a decision and your significant other’s opinion about it is important to you, then you are head over heels in love!

You’ve made it through

Times got tough but together love helped you make it through. If you made it through a difficult time, whether it was a career setback or a death in the family, then together you are ready for anything. Tough situations can make or break a relationship but if the good days outnumber the bad then you can handle the difficult times together. Without love playing a part of your relationship you would never have made it through! 

You challenge yourself

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone in life and never go beyond your boundaries. But love makes you do funny things! If you’re in love you will be willing to try new things with your partner. We’re not talking about launching into a bungee jump, but trying new experiences like different foods or taking a long distance trip to meet his relatives. If you find yourself doing things you would never have done before because of someone else, then it’s gotta be love! 

You can talk for hours

Even though you see each other all the time you still manage to find things to talk about. You don’t even have that much to talk about with some of your friends, but here you are spending hours chatting on the phone or in person. Whether it’s the breaking news, a funny video or just the state of the weather you never seem to stop talking! If you’re having fun whiling away the hours in conversation then you are loved up to the max! 

They see you at your weakest 

One of the hardest things to do is to let people see you at your most vulnerable. When it comes to love you should be comfortable to let them see the real you, even if that means showing your biggest flaws. You can’t spend your life impressing people and putting on a show, and if that’s what you find yourself doing then they may not be the person for you. Love comes in many shapes and sizes, so love them, and let them love you, for who you really are. 



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