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10 Foods You Don't Want to Eat at Your Wedding

It can be difficult to think of what food to serve at your wedding – something to suit the vegetarians, the picky eaters, and a meal that you will enjoy, because after all, it’s your day! Whatever your decision making process, there are some meals which you should never serve at your wedding. To help you along, here’s a small selection of foods that are never acceptable as the matrimonial meal! 


Everybody loves Italian food, and spaghetti is a popular choice because of its status as a childhood favourite. However, it’s obvious to everyone that two things that don’t mix are the colour white and tomato sauce. Spaghetti is messy and tricky to eat gracefully and it’s extremely likely you will drop some of the slippery pasta on your beautiful gown. Steer clear of this one!


Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, fondue is a food best avoided at your wedding. Imagine how stylish crusty strands of lurid orange cheese would look encrusted on your dress. It’s is probably best avoided unless included in a cheese course after your meal. Enough said!

Foie Gras

Foie gras banned in California and unless you live in France, there’s a good chance your guests think it should be banned elsewhere too. By serving this French delicacy, you run the risk of offending the people attending your wedding, not to mention paying big money for a food that’s not to everyone’s taste. Cruelty towards animals is a dish best left out of the wedding altogether. 


Most people love garlic and eat it regularly, but that’s not to say that serving it at your wedding is a good idea. This particular onion will remain on your breath for hours, and conversing with your guests will become highly unpleasant. Not only will you smell garlic breath all night, garlic doesn’t fade very quickly, so you will smell it all breakfast the next morning too!

Finger food

Hor d’oeuvres may be commonplace at most weddings, but they, like most finger foods, should be left out altogether. Anyone who has ever attended a wedding knows that as newlyweds, all of your guests will be eager to embrace you and offer congratulations. You do the math – if you serve finger food, you will soon have more than one set of handprints on your pristine white gown. 

Ice cream cones

Everyone’s favourite sweet treat is perfect for a day at the beach and in theory is the perfect dessert after a heavy meal. Unfortunately, ice cream will melt so quickly that before you know it, your dress will be splattered with drops of your chosen flavour, complete with multi-coloured sprinkles. Not exactly what you would have included on your dress originally. 

Chicken wings

It’s not that any of your guests won’t like this food, but do you really want to run the risk of having a barbeque sauce-streaked wedding party in your photos? If you want your wedding to be an elegant and classy affair, maybe avoid having a meal that involves your guests licking their fingers after each wing. 


This classic Mexican dish will be a hit at any event, but at a wedding, it’s really more a case of saving the guests from themselves. It might be simple to eat a taco in theory, but in practice, picking up a taco is a one way street to sitting with a mound of mincemeat in your lap. Now that’s a good look for any bridal guest. 

Crab or lobster

There are ways to eat crabs and lobsters without dropping the meat all over your clothes, but rest assured, most of your guests will not know how to do so – hence the reason why lobsters are traditionally served with a big white bib to wear. Tasty as a lobster may be, your guests didn’t attend your wedding to be confronted with the hard work that goes into shelling a lobster. 


Brides these days have the opportunity to taste foods from around the world, which leads to having foreign and unfamiliar foods at events such as weddings. No matter how tasty and healthy sushi is, some of your relatives will look at you as if you have two heads if they are expected to eat raw fish at your bridal bash. So avoid this one until the honeymoon! 



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