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10 Hidden Wedding Costs To Add To Your Budget

Putting together a budget is an important part of the wedding planning process, but when you think you have accounted for all your costs you find yourself hit by some hidden charges you hadn't budgeted for.

When figuring out your wedding finances you need to think about some of the hidden wedding costs and include them in your budget. Check out these 10 costs that could creep up on you!


When you budget for invitations you will need to include the price of postage into the budget. When choosing your invitations it's something you need to consider – the heavier and more embellished the invitation the higher the postage cost. You will also need to consider if you will cover the cost of people sending back their RSVP cards.

Hair and make-up trials

Getting your hair and make-up right is really important for a bride, so youwant to have a trial run before the big day. While many make-up artists will include a trial in the price, some don't. If you are trying out a few people then the costs soon mount up. Finding the right hairstylist can cost you too, so work out your budget before you go trail-crazy!


Put some money aside in your dress budget for alterations. Chances are you'll need some changes made to your dress, whether it's taking it in or letting the hem out. Some bridal stores will include this cost in the price of the gown, but often you will be charged an extra fee.


You also need to put some money aside for your bridal accessories. Whether it's jewelry, underwear, shapewear or hair accessories you will need to pay for it. Some things can be borrowed, while others need to be bought new – so shop around.

Lighting and sound

You've booked a band or DJ, but they don't always come with the equipment they need. If you want lights on the dance floor, your DJ might have some you can hire at an extra cost. If your venue doesn't have a PA system you might need to hire one for your band. You might also want a sound system for the if you want your guests to actually be able to hear the speeches.

Your own meals

Just because it's your big day it doesn't mean you get to eat for free. So remember you will need to include your own meals in your budget. If you're getting ready at home or in a hotel you will need to feed the people who are with you, whether it's a light breakfast or some sandwiches.

Extra meals

You might have to provide your photographer or videographer and officiant with a meal - so don't forget to include them in your budget. If you have agreed to provide refreshments for your entertainment then you have to budget for that too, so write down any costs as soon as they crop up.

Tips / gratuities

You may be paying for services, but you also need to set aside money for tips and gratuities. Some might include a service charge in the estimate, but this won't account for bartenders, servers or delivery people. If someone does a good job or goes the extra mile for you then it's worth adding a little tip as a thank you.

Extra charges

The party is in full swing, but the drinks are drying up. You want the bar to open late, and while some venues have the option to extend their hours you will have to pay for it! You might forget that when you are in party mode, but be sure you know how much it will cost you before you ask. You might also have to pay for the DJ or band to keep playing – so understand what you're committing too before you get carried away!


You might have budgeted for bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, but have you thought about gifts for parents? You might want to budget for some small sentimental gifts for family and friends who have helped organize your wedding. One tip: Buy them early so you don't find yourself financially stretched before the wedding.


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