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10 Modern Wedding Day Problems and How to Avoid Them

Modern technology is a big part of our daily lives, but it's starting to creep into our weddings and cause some problems for brides and grooms. From the over-enthusiastic snapper to the person who can’t ‘unplug’ and just enjoy the day, we break down the top 10 modern wedding day problems!  

Snap, snap, snap

People at weddings just love to snap pictures - from selfies to church snaps, photos are taking all day and often without the bride or grooms permission. This becomes an issue when these snaps are shared online and your official photos that you want everyone to see are often the last images to be seen! How can you avoid this problem?  Well, there is a few things you can do to ensure that the pictures you want everyone to see are the ones people see first.

You can hashtag your wedding, you can make it clear on the invites that you don’t want people to take pictures all day and alternatively you can set up a Facebook page for your guests to upload all their pictures and you can carefully select which you want to be public and which you don’t.  You have hired a photographer for a reason and it will be those special snaps that you will want everyone to see first. Although it’s nice that people take photos to add to your collection, it is important that your wishes are respected and you get to be the photo editor for your big day! 

Beep, beep, beep

In the midst of the technology revolution people are never switched “Off” and phones are always on (or on vibrate). At nearly every wedding someone’s phone goes off during the ceremony or the speeches. But what can you do? To ensure this doesn’t affect any of your precious moments during your big day you can ask everyone to switch off their phones during the ceremony and speeches and “unplug”. Your guests will understand and your day will run smoothly.  

Too much choice 

There is so much information and ideas for your big day nowadays and sometimes it feels like there is just too much choice! The task of deciding on color schemes, themes, style of dress and so on is becoming increasingly difficult because it's so hard to narrow everything down. From magazines and websites to wedding events, there is just so much inspiration out there that it can become overwhelming and stressful to decide on what you want and to stick to it.  The best thing to do is go with what you initially thought you wanted and once you decide stop researching other ideas even though this is easier said than done…we know!

Enjoy the meal…Don’t photograph it!

It has become standard now that before we eat a nice fancy meal we 'snap' it. It’s like we want everyone to know just how fantastic this dish is going to be and how they should all envy you right now! At weddings the bride and groom put a lot of thought into their menu and it can be quite frustrating when your guests are sharing pictures of your meal with people who are not even at your wedding. Then the criticism and rating starts! People from outside like to share their opinions on your food choices, your theme and so on - who wants that at their wedding! So if you're a guest at a wedding you should put the phone away and just enjoy the day. 

Mine is better than yours

Competition is rife among brides and sometimes it feels like you and your friends are trying to out-do each other when it comes to wedding planning. From menus to dresses it can be very overwhelming and pressurizing. If you have doves your competition will wants swans! There is no avoiding these people and the best thing to do is to remember that your day is about you and your partner, so have what you like and what you can afford. At the end of the day it is a celebration of your love and not a competition!

Feuds, friends and family 

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life but it can also be one of the most stressful. A huge number of brides report that they have had arguments and falling out with at least one of their bridesmaids in the run up to their big day. Similar feuds can also take place within your family. Fussy bridesmaids, mother-in-laws, aunts, sisters, the list goes on and can cause you stress in the run up to and on the day of your wedding. Remain calm, take a breath and don’t let your inner bridezilla ruin your day and cause tension within your wedding party. Feuds can also arise from online jealousy, people who weren’t invited to your wedding can often comment on aspects of your day and take pleasure in criticising elements of it…block them out and remember your day was your day and is not open for judgement from people who have nothing else to do. 

Use the wedding website

Lots of brides and grooms go to the trouble of setting up a wedding website. This is a website where they can share hotel details, offer information on transport; discuss their theme and just general information about their big day. Some couples ask that their guests RSVP on this sit,e but the trouble is there is always a certain among of guests who don’t use it! This can be really annoying for a bride or groom who have tried to make things easy for their guests. So if there’s a wedding website for their day then do them a favor and use it. (Anyone over 60 gets a free pass on this one!)

Pre-wedding party pressures

The days of going to the local bar with the girls on the eve of your wedding or hanging out with the guys on the night before is slipping away and now the bachelorette / hen party and the bachelor / stag parties are three day affairs and are often in a far-off locations. These parties are seen as a taster for your wedding and the pressures to have that perfect party is becoming a stressful part of your wedding. This is a chance to hang out with your closet girl / guy buddies before the wedding, so whether that’s a day in a spa followed by a meal and drinks or a wild three day affair, the choice is yours. The same goes for the bachelor / stag party, if the idea of going crazy and having a stripper isn’t for you then don’t feel the pressure to conform. Have a pre-wedding celebration that you will enjoy. 

More online addictions

As a bride to be you will likely spend a lot of time on websites such as Pintrest and Esty. We're sorry to tell you, but your addiction to these websites won’t fade after your wedding. That's just what we need - another internet addiction! We already spend enough time on the internet, so remember to switch off and enjoy married life. 

Honeymoon struggles

So the big day is over and it’s time to kick back, de-stress and enjoy some quality time with your other-half…however it seems people spend more time instagraming and posting pictures of their honeymoon to the point where they forget to actually have a great time! Your honeymoon is supposed to be a romantic affair that gives you both a chance to be alone together and enjoy the joys of married life but it seems the pressure of constantly letting everyone know about it is actually getting in the way of it. Unplug and enjoy your time…for at least some it. Honeymoons have also become a bigger affair than a few years ago, couples now are going away on three week vacations and the competition for that perfect honeymoon location is rife! Remember that this is a time to enjoy and relax.


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