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10 Reasons Not To Wear White On Your Wedding Day

Not everyone wants the traditional white wedding. If you want something different you'll be happy to hear that there’s plenty of choice for alternative brides. Colorful wedding dresses have been a big trend for designers, and so brides have lots of gowns to choose from. There are lots of reasons for not wearing white, but these are the perfect excuses for wearing something that breaks the norm.

You’ll be different

Everyone gets married in white! So why not break with tradition and try a dress that will make your guests gasp. Yeah, your grandmother won’t like it, but it’s your way so do it your way.

You don’t wear white

White is a color you avoid when it comes to fashion, so why wear it on your wedding day? Just because it’s traditional you don’t have to play along. Wear a color that you feel comfortable it, whether it’s fuchsia or black.

You love it

The bridal catwalks are filled with colorful dresses, and you love them! Why deny yourself the pleasure of wearing that gown you have been lusting after – go on girl, embrace that catwalk trend!

It’s traditional 

Everyone thinks white is the traditional color for a bride, but it actually isn’t! It wasn’t until Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding that brides began wearing white. So wearing something non-white is actually more traditional.

It will suit your theme

You have your heart set on a wedding theme, but you can’t find a gown to go with it. If you want a pink princess gown for your Cinderella wedding, then wear it!

You won’t stain it

You’re gonna spend a lot of money on your dress, so any spills or stains would be a disaster! Not a problem if you wear a black dress!

Who you are

You might be a Goth or metal head, you might want to be a Barbie-style bride! Embrace who you are and wear that dress in black or pink. At least you can say you did it your way.

Spend less on the dress

So you’ve decided that white isn’t for you? Then it’s time to leave the bridal department and look in the eveningwear section. While you might have to fork out for a wedding dress, you will pay a lot less for a ball gown – of course it all depends on where you shop. 

Wear it again

It’s unlikely that you will wear your wedding dress again, but if it’s not white then there’s always the chance you could! Going to a ball or need a dress for the red carpet – your red wedding dress is perfect for the occasion.

Second time round

It’s a lot more common for people to get married for a second time. You did the whole white wedding and now you want something different. Different wedding – different dress! 


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