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10 Things We Love About... Family Weddings

We love every kind of wedding here at Dreamwedding, but there are some we hold close to our hearts, and a family wedding is one of them. We know that not every family is perfect and not every couple can have their huge extended family present on their wedding day. But when the family does come together it’s a special time for all.

Here are just 10 of the reasons why we adore a family wedding.

Family reunions

Weddings are one of the occasions where you get to see all your family in one place. From your second cousins to aunts and uncles who live far away, you get to catch up with everyone in one place. What's not to love about that?

Funny childhood stories

When there are people gathered together in one room who have literally known each other since forever at a wedding then you’re bound to hear some hilarious stories about the bride and groom. Now tell us uncle Mike, what was the name of the groom's imaginary friend?

Families blending

Seeing two families joined together by love is something very special. People who never knew each other now have a common bond through the newlyweds. It’s more common than ever to see two families blended through marriage, and we love it. 


Sense of pride

Seeing family members getting teary eyed during the ceremony and telling the couple how proud they feel always makes us smile. Somebody pass a Kleenex, here come the tears! 

Touching moments

Family weddings have some special moments between the happy couple and their family. Whether it’s the bride’s father walking her down the aisle, a mother-daughter moment or the groom dancing with his mother, whenever we see them we can’t help but go gooey inside. 

Remembering the departed

When family and friends are gathered together it’s touching to remember family members who are no longer with us. When you see a special tribute to a lost loved one at a wedding it's lovely to see they are remembered among family and friends.

Different generations

We love seeing all the different generations of a family come together in one place. You’ll see grandpa dancing with his grandkids or grandma helping feed her granddaughter. Those moments melt our heart!

Dancing grandparents

Seeing your grandparents cutting the rug is always brilliant! We’ve seen couples in their 70s doing the jive and even joining in on the electric slide. Thank you for making us smile. 

Tipsy adults dancing

Seeing your relatives who are usually respectful at family gatherings pulling their best moves on the dance floor after a few drinks is hilarious! There’s always plenty of dad dancing going on.

The party atmosphere 

Family weddings are one big happy event where everyone is celebrating. We love taking to the dance floor with family members or getting to know knew people who have joined the family through marriage. At the end of the day, a family wedding is just one big party!



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