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10 Things We Love About... Intimate Weddings

Between setting a date, finding a church and choosing a venue, it can sometimes be easy to lose track of what’s important when it comes to getting married. But your wedding day doesn’t have to be this lavish, over the top event. Weddings are supposed to be about love and spending time with the people that you adore the most. So why not ditch the frills and have an intimate wedding instead?

Here’s 10 reasons why we think you should!

They're romantic

Intimate weddings are extremely romantic. When your wedding is smaller, there are not as many distractions which means you can spend less time worrying about your guests and more time focusing on you and your fiancé.

Get married quicker!

Having fewer people and less details to organize allows you to dramatically reduce your wedding timeline. Why wait years for that massive wedding venue to be available when you could be married in a few months?

Cutting costs

An intimate wedding allows you to save money that you and your fiancé can use to start your future together. Don't waste thousands on an extravagant wedding reception that will only last a few hours! You can use that money towards a deposit down for a new house. As an extra treat for you and your partner, why not use the cash you save to book an extended honeymoon? Who wouldn't want two more weeks lying on the beach!

Destination wedding

Spare cash and a smaller invitation list give you more freedom when it comes to planning your big day. That destination wedding in Italy that you’ve always dreamed about - well, now it’s actually possible!

Guilt free guest list

Having a smaller wedding means that you get to avoid any awkward feelings when it comes to deciding who to invite and who not to invite. You don't have to feel guilty about not sending an invitation to your old work colleague because you can just use the excuse that your wedding is going to be an intimate event for close friends and family only.

Greater venue choice

When you're having an intimate wedding, you don't have to worry about trying to fit 150 guests into your dream hotel. Now you can even have your wedding in a garden or a courtyard if you want to!

More time with your guests

With a big wedding, the bride and groom often feel run off their feet trying to make sure they say hello to everyone. Throwing a smaller wedding allows you to spend more time with your guests which in turn gives them a more intimate, unique experience.

They're relaxing

Intimate weddings usually only include your nearest and dearest who have more than likely already seen you at your worst. Once the big day arrives, you can relax and really cut loose without having to worry about disapproving looks from distant relatives.

They’re eco-friendly

One reason to feel good about throwing an intimate wedding is that they’re eco-friendly. When it comes to weddings, there is a huge amount of unnecessary waste involved. But if your wedding is smaller, then this means that you have less invitations to send out which saves you paper, less food to order, and less waste all around.

They're memorable

When all is said and done, your big day will be the one that sticks out in people’s minds because you didn't have the traditional large wedding. You did something unusual and different and your guests won't forget that.



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