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10 things we love about... Spring Weddings

It's easy to see why spring is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings! New life is all around, like the first flowers of the year, and sunny frosty mornings make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. There are so many things you can do when it comes to planning a spring ceremony, so we’ve narrowed down the things we love most about spring weddings (If you think we’ve forgotten something then let us know in the comments section!)

Spring colors

We associate the first season of the year with rejuvenation and new life, so bright, cheerful colors abound! Spring is a time for saying farewell to winter and all the drab, somber hues that come with it. A mix of ethereal, understated brights and pale pastels take center stage to reflect the bursts of flowers and other foliage in nature. From refreshing aqua to soft lilac, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect color combination for your wedding theme.

Longer days

The days get noticeably longer, giving you an extra hour or two of sunshine on your big day. This means that you and your guests can bask in the sunlight a litter longer, soaking up some vital vitamin D. Nothing is more romantic than watching the day turn slowly into dusk on the day you got married, followed by a beautiful sunset. It'll be one you never forget!

 Spring style

Most wedding gowns seem like they were custom made for spring, so finding the perfect one won’t be a problem. Typical wedding styles feature short sleeves which are too cold for winter, and heavy skirts which may be too warm for summer. We all know that dresses are versatile and can be paired with a wrap if there's a chill in the air, and some brides opt for a pop of color with a bright sash or an allover hint of pink. For the bridesmaids, floral patterns are perfect.


Temperatures are on the rise and everyone sheds their heavy winter layers. Depending on where you live, an outdoor wedding is a great choice. There's something special about being outside with nature under the wide-open sky! The evening will get colder, so it's the perfect excuse for everyone to wrap up in a blanket, drink hot chocolate or sit by the fire.

Spring flowers

Your bouquet and centerpieces can reflect this fabulous season with ease. Flowers are blooming everywhere and your wedding can be a spring wonderland, filled with lush, leafy florets. Tulips, hyacinths, lilies, peonies, roses - the list of flowers in season is endless, as is the variety of color! Set the tone for your reception by creating vibrant, colorful, centerpieces of your favorite blossoms.

Pretty photos

Here's something you may not have known - partly cloudy, overcast spring days make for better photographs than bight sunny ones. So much so, that many professional photographers often call these type of days, 'Nature's soft box'. Overcast spring days create soft, even light that flatters any subject. The result is your wedding pictures will have beautiful tones, rather than glaring hotspots!




Spring food

There's a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables in spring, which makes it an ideal time to plan your menu! Incorporate the best of the season using scrumptious vegetables that are at their peak, like asparagus and new potatoes. You can also evoke a spring feeling by adding a fruity element with berries and rhubarb! You'll also be doing your guests a favor by filling them up with some nutrient-packed produce!

Metaphorical meaning

Spring symbolizes a new start, a time of rebirth and renewal. The world is refreshed and happy - a perfect time to start on a new adventure of marriage! The winter hibernation is over, people are venturing outside after months spent huddled indoors and are more than willing to celebrate. Everything begins in the spring - a truly romantic metaphor for your new lives together!


Spring decorations

Most venues in spring will be adorned with preppy, fresh color combinations like pink and green. Polka dot and gingham fabrics and ribbons make for fresh, sprightly décor. For something unique and traditional at an outdoor wedding, use a may pole for entertainment, especially if there are a lot of kids! Consider asking your guests to throw petals instead of rice, or release butterflies for something unique and memorable.

Spring favors

Give away charming packets of seeds or bulbs, thanking your guests for supporting the growth of your love. When the big day is long over, guests can watch the tiny seeds grow into beautiful blossoms - bringing the memories to life. Favors with an Easter theme are also popular with cute little chocolate birds nests and paper birds to watch over them!


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