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10 Things We Love About... Winter Weddings

When you picture your wedding day do you see blue skies overhead and the sun shining down on you? Now switch that to a crisp winter’s day with snow and icicles and picture how romantic that could be! You could be the snow queen (a good one of couse) for the day and have your own ice palace, or go all seasonal with a Christmas theme. There are so many things you can do when it comes to planning a winter ceremony! 

We’ve narrowed down the things we love most about winter weddings – if you think we’ve forgotten something then let us know in the comments section! 

Themed stationary 

You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to a winter wedding! Think snowflakes, icicles and shades of blue, white and silver. If you’re having a Christmas wedding you should include red and green to your color pallet, or you could go for a Frozen vibe with baby blue and crisp white.

Your Transportation

If it’s snowing on your wedding day then you have to have a horse-drawn sleigh ride together - what could be more romantic? Think of the photographs you’ll have too! You could even go Santa style and get reindeer to pull your sleigh. Adventurous couples could try a snowmobile, or how about pulling up at your venue on a sled pulled by huskies!

The gowns

Winter weddings mean wintery wedding gowns. Before you imagine a long woolly sweater, we’re not talking about dress made from wool, but you can add layers to your look or get some winter inspired detailing. We adore gowns with embellishments that look like snowflakes, lace that looks like ice formations as well as lots of beading and crystals. 

Winter decorations 

If you decide to have a winter wonderland themed wedding you have a ton of decoration ideas available to you! White and blue lighting will provide a Frozen style theme, while candles can also add some atmospheric lighting. Thankfully white flowers are easy to find, so you can get your florist to create some stunning effects that almost look like snow. If you are having a Christmas theme then there are lots of seasonal ornaments available in an array of colors. Use them to decorate everything from the chairs to tables and everything inbetween!  

Cold weather food

All your food can have a wintery touch – from light bites to your main course. Shots of hot soup will warm people from the inside, while stuffed hot potatoes are an instant comfort food hit. Your guests will love a s’mores bar, candy canes and cookies, while you can serve hearty food at dinner like beef or turkey with lots of seasonal vegetables. Winter means comfort food, so choose your favorite tummy warmers and serve them to your guests! 

Seasonal drinks

Think of all the delicious drinks we enjoy in the winter months! You could serve up some seasonal punch with plenty of spice, or how about hot chocolate to warm up your guests. You could serve eggnog, brandy or cranberry cocktails. Then there’s mulled or spiced wine and cider. There are so many options available that you might just have to try them all! 

The photographs

Winter weddings have some of the most gorgeous photo moments. If you’re brave enough to face the cold, there’s nothing more beautiful than a winter landscape – just have your big warm coat ready! If you would rather be indoors you could pose next to the Christmas tree or at the fireside where you will be warm and cozy. You can also get some great night shots with a backdrop of twinkling lights – how romantic! 

Winter bouquets 

When you think of a winter bouquet it might be made up of red or white flowers. But there are actually a lot more options available to the winter bride. You can turn an ordinary bouquet into one worthy of a snow queen with some silver embellishments, crystal details and lots of berries. Speak to your florists about the options you have, and don't be afraid to experiment.

Winter bling

Having a winter wedding means you can add lots of sparkles. So bling out – go for crystal embellishments on everything from your gown to your shoes. You can ice out your wedding jewelry, from your hair details to your necklace and bracelets. You can even incorporate them into your décor. Time to bring on the bling!  

Winter inspired favors 

Warm your guests’ hearts with some beautiful winter wedding favors. If it’s a cold day you can give your guests blankets that they will use and keep forever, while if food is more your thing you can give your guests cookies, s’more and hot chocolate kits. Christmas candy is another great gift that your guests – everyone enjoys something sweet to eat while they make the journey home! 



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