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10 Things You Must Do The Month Before Your Wedding

10 Things You Must Do The Month Before Your Wedding

You're into the final month of your wedding planning, and more than ever your wedding day will feel like a reality! You'll be feeling lots of emotions right now, from excitement and joy to nervousness and trepidation. While your emotions might be difficult to control, you can take charge all those last minute details you need to get done.

Getting married in a month? Here's what you should do next!

Go shopping

The month before the wedding you should have bought most of the things you need for your wedding, but now's the time to buy the small things you will need. Any clothing, toiletries, perfume, accessories should all be bought now. Make sure your fiancé remembers the things he needs, from aftershave to cufflinks. Plan ahead and don't leave them until the last minute!

Check your numbers

At this point you should have received your RSVPs, but if there are still people who haven't responded you should call them to confirm their attendance. Then you confirm final numbers, dietary requirements and special requests with the caterers and other vendors.

Plan your Seating

You might already have a rough idea about your seating plan, but now you need to create a seating chart for your wedding reception. When you have the final version you should share it with your caterer, venue manager, reception host, and wedding coordinator or planner.

Do your Paperwork

Ensure all the necessary paperwork is done and correct, otherwise you might not be officially married! Speak to your officiant and venue if there is any paperwork you need to complete to make the marriage legal, and also check you have signed and returned any contracts from vendors.

Schedule your day

Start working on your schedule of your wedding day for your vendors. You will need to give a copy to any vendors who are involved in your wedding so they know where and when they are supposed to be on your wedding day. You should send out copies at least one week before the wedding, and confirm these details with them after you have sent it to them. Also include contact names and telephone numbers in case of any emergencies on the day.

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Choose your shots

By now you should have booked your photographer. If you haven't done it already you should draw up a list of people who need to be photographed at the wedding. You should give a copy of this list to the best man to have on the day, just in case!

Prepare your favours

If you have decided to have wedding favours, then you need to get them ready at few weeks before the big day, especially if it involves any preparation. If you have put in an order for favours then you should double check the date they will arrive and give yourself plenty of time to prepare them.

Create a guestbook

Not every couple wants to have a guestbook, but it is a nice memento of your day. There are lots of options available to buy, and you can get one that perfectly fits in with the theme of your day.

Get a treatment

If you want to get your skin wedding ready then you can give yourself a treat a month before the wedding. Try a hair treatment or get a facial, so you look your best on your wedding day. This is also the time to try out things like a tan and eyelashes, so you know if you want them on your wedding day.

Prepare for the honeymoon

If you're going on honeymoon straight after your wedding you should be prepared plenty of time before the wedding. Make sure you have suitable luggage and make a packing list for your honeymoon. Start packing your suitcases and make sure your passports are in date and that you have printed all the documentation you need for your journey and accommodation. If you are going abroad you should also check if you need any inoculations.


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