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10 Ultimate Wedding Photo Fails! #WEDDINGPHOTOFAIL

We have already seen the hilarious fails a photographer can make when taking photos at a wedding, but what about the photos themselves? There are lots of things that can go disastrously wrong when it comes to photos (check out our expert guide to booking a photographer), but there are also those downright weird photos some couples adore.

From bruised bridesmaids to strange photoshopping, take a look at these wedding photo fails.

The double fail

We’ve seen some hilarious and quirky wedding photos where the bridal party has pulled a few moves, but it can go wrong. Tyler Foster (above left), of Spokane, Washington, found that out when he decided to leap in the air for joy. Not only did he rip his pants, he also kicked a bridesmaid in the face – and the moment was caught on camera! Thankfully the victim was uninjured and the photo went viral after Tyler shared it on Reddit. 


The background fail

We’re not sure what the thinking was behind this photo of a couple and the parents. Well we assume they’re related to the bride and groom, but going by this photo they could be two random people! Whatever the reasoning behind the photo, the people behind the window don’t look too happy about being there.

The guest fail

We know how tough it is to be a photographer. There are so many things that can go wrong, from falling over random bits of the venue to failing equipment. One of the most annoying and difficult to deal with has to be the guest who seems to think they are official photographer at the wedding. These guests (above and below) ruined a perfectly good shot by getting in the way #fail.

The technology fail

Modern technology! It has made life easier for thousands, if not millions of us but it has also changed a lot of the traditional ways of doing things. Once upon a time the craziest thing a photographer would do is get a couple to strike a pose, balance or climb something, or just pull some funny faces. Now there are new techniques being brought into weddings, but not all of them will go to plan…



The Photoshop fail

We don’t know what to say about this photo. Are they meant to be floating in a candy floss – leaf infested sky? The pose is quite awkward too, nobody looks like they’re enjoying this moment. We have no idea why the photographer thought this was a good idea…

More photoshop fail

Some couples like to pose for a few quirky photographs at their weddings. Meanwhile over in Russia there is a trend for post-wedding Photoshop, and there are some quite strange results. We know that bread plays a central role in Russian weddings, but quite why the bride has speared her husband with a French stick is not quite clear. While the centaur bride and groom, we’ll leave you to judge that for yourselves.



The photobomb fail

Photobombers can be super annoying! The perfect shot is ready to go, them some smart-ass decides it would be fun to get in on the action. So we don’t encourage that sort of thing we have put some less serious photobomb moments here – ones that are actually super adorable! Check out these animals getting in on the wedding photo action.


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