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10 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Day

No two weddings are alike, but some people still try to say that all weddings are the same - but look at the details and you'll see little touches that make that wedding day personal. Although it's easy to follow the wedding recipe and get the usual options, but if you really want to put your stamp on your day then you can add some personal touches. Check out these 10 ways to make your wedding day a little bit more special with personal touches!

Location, location, location!

Choose a wedding venue that means something personal to you. Perhaps it was the place you first met or had your first date, or if you are a sports fan then why not have it in the home of your favorite team. You can always use your favorite country or place as a theme and incorporate it into everything from your invitations to your wedding cake.

Get writing

One of the easiest ways to personalize your wedding is to write your own vows, so put pen to paper and get writing!

Add a blessing

If you have children you can make your day more personal by making them a part your ceremony. If you don't have children but want to include your family in your day, you could always incorporate a blessing into your ceremony.

Photo moments

Collect some old family wedding photographs and display them at your reception. You could even put one on each table and name your tables after the year or the people in the photographs.

Sound of music

Sounds obvious, but you can personalize your wedding with music! From your wedding march to the reception, incorporate your favorite songs into your wedding day and make it more personal to you.

Add some notes

Write some personal notes on chalkboards or in handwritten notes for your guests around your venue or reception for that extra personal touch. You can also encourage your guests to write their own notes that you can keep as a memento of your day.

Four-legged friends

Love your pets as much as you love each other? Then include them in your wedding! You could make them a part of your day – have your dog be your ring bearer – or include them in pictures of as motifs. Throw caution to the wind and do what makes you feel happy.

Designer drinks

Instead of sticking with the usual drinks of wine and cocktails, why not personalize your drinks menu to suit your wedding? You could be influenced by everything from your theme to special places you've visited – or just serve your own favorite tipples.

Break the ice

To break the ice between your guests you could create some quizzes about you and your husband to see how much they know about you. You can even offer a prize to the person who gets the highest score.

Personal favors

Make your favors even more special by making them personal to you and your husband. You could give people a playlist of your favorite songs, some personalized edible favors, or something small that reminds people of you.


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