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10 Ideas for Quirky Wedding Reception Table Names

Quirky and creative table names are a great way of personalizing and adding fun to your wedding reception.  It's easy to just have guest tables numbered... but why not go the extra mile and allow your creative sides to shine through.

Couples often find it hard to think of ways to make their table names unique and thought provoking. The best place to start is by sitting down as a couple and thinking of themes that you both love. There are lots and lots of themes out there but to get your creative juices flowing here are some ideas that we love!

TV Shows

Is there a series that you refuse to let your partner watch without because they might give spoilers? Do you both share a love of characters from a particular soap drama? TV shows and their characters have some of the best inspiration when it comes to choosing table names. If you love sci-fi shows then you can use the names of characters or locations, if you love a comesdy show then some of the episode names would make great table names. Let your imagination run wild!


Did you meet at a sports game? Do you both rival each other on the sports field? Sport is known for its great ability to bring fans together and divide opinions. Name your tables after sports teams and you will get the conversation started when guests are seated. You can name your tables after players, stadiums or different trophies your team has won. Who wants to sit at Madison Square Garden?


Have you and your partner travelled around the world? Did you meet while backpacking around Europe? If so make a list of places that mean something to both of you. This can also apply to where your guests are from. Many of us have friends and family from different parts of the world that we have met at different stages of our lives. Give everyone a sentimental geography lesson before they start to celebrate your marriage. World travel cards by Wedding Monograms


Flowers can be used to symbolize the time of year, or can be just used to name the tables if either one of you has green fingers. Many flowers have different meanings so why not use them as table names and explain to your guests why you chose them. Your wedding will certainly be a rosy occasion!


Is there a song that gets you both on the dance floor? Can you name every album, single and lyric by one particular band or artist? Then choose an album sleeve or lyric to get the party started. Your guests will think it's super cute. 45" table numbers by La Flamme Rouge


The date you met, your first kiss, the date of the proposal - these are all moments that mark your relationship, so let your guests share those good times with you. Give every table a special date and a photo from that time of your lives.


Some couples bond over the love of a good book. If you enjoy reading the same genre or author why not compose a list and name your tables after the titles. You could even give copies of the books as meaningful favors to your guests!


Are you a couple of movie aficionados? Do you both know every word to a film you love? Then why not use characters and lines from the movie as table names that will surely impress your guests. Disney characters, action heros or cinema classics - the choice is yours! Movie Tickets by Diva Gone Domestic Too


Everybody loves a deep and meaningful quote. Anything from a good romantic poem to words of inspiration from those in the know. Quotes give a nice ambiance for guests and get them smiling as they take their seat.


Food and drink brings people together and your wedding day will be testament to that. So how about naming tables after the best places you like to eat and drink! Restaurants you have had dates in, Pubs you have stayed in till all hours - these are all great sources of inspiration. If you are the ultimate foodie couple, why not put together some of your favorite recipes. This way it will make your tables memorable and will be a nice keepsake for your friends and family.


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