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10 Ways to Include your Dad in Your Wedding Planning

Dads are often left out when it comes to wedding planning, but some dads want to get involved and help as much as they can.

It’s tough for dads to see their little girl all grown up and starting a new life, but there’s also plenty to celebrate, so let him feel involved and see if he’s interested in being a part of the planning process (but it’s OK if he wants to back away).

Ask for his advice about local businesses and ask him to perhaps visit a store for you. Dads are often great at finding deals and promotions (we know ours are able to sniff out a special offer a mile away), so ask them to keep an eye out for anything that might be good for the wedding.

If you are announcing your engagement in the local newspaper, then traditionally it’s up to the bride’s parents to take responsibility. Here’s the perfect opportunity for Dad to play his part (of course Mom will want to check over the announcement before it goes to the paper).

Some couples like to have an engagement party, so why not let your Dad do the organizing! He could host a BBQ or an informal lunch at the family home, or everyone could meet in a local bar or restaurant. It’s the perfect chance for both families to get to know each other.

Dad can also help with your guest list! Your Dad might like to be included in putting together your wedding guest list, even if it’s just asking his opinion. He can also help with the seating plan because he might know details like the fact your Great-Aunt Sarah can’t stand your Uncle Tommy. Better not put them on the same table then!

If he really wants to get hands on, your Dad can help organize accommodation for some of your guests. He can work on getting hotel deals, book rooms for immediate family and any elderly relatives that need rooms at the venue. 

Having trouble choosing a venue, but have narrowed it down to a final few? Why not bring Dad on a venue walk-through with your potential final choice. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see things you missed or see advantages and disadvantages to a venue that you hadn’t even considered!

Before the wedding you can work on your father daughter dance and put something special together. If your dad has two left feet, then why not go to a dance class together and have some special bonding time.

Invite your Dad to a menu-tasting session with you and your husband-to-be. Spoil him with a wedding tasting session of delicious menus so he can help you choose the perfect meal for you and your guests.

If your Dad is a music lover then he could help you pick a band or DJ. He could arrange to go see someone you’re considering play live or drop in on a rehearsal (if the band is happy for him to do that). 

The groom’s parents traditionally organize the rehearsal dinner but if they are short on time, feeling overwhelmed or just not able to do it, then then Dad can lend a hand. If the wedding is somewhere the groom’s family has never been then the father-of-the bride is the perfect person to offer advice about venues. 




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