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10 Ways to Include Your Mom in Your Wedding Planning

Whether or not you see eye-to-eye on things, your Mom has played an important role in your life, and so it’s only right that she wants to play a part in planning your wedding. Now we have all heard tales of the pushy mom who wants to do most of the organizing herself, but if you give your Mom a few jobs to do then that should keep her busy in the lead up to the wedding.

Ask for her advice about local wedding vendors in your area. Does she buy flowers at a certain florist? Did her best friend Doris’ daughter get an amazing deal with a local caterer? Your Mom could be full of valuable tips and ideas that you had no idea about!

She can help you put together your guest list! She’s the perfect person for the job because she probably keeps tabs on everyone in the family. If she’s feeling super helpful she could take charge of the RSVPs, from keeping track of who’s coming to the wedding to chasing those people who haven’t replied. 

Once she’s helped you with the guest list (and she hasn’t driven you mad yet) and she still wants, and has the energy, to do more, she could do you an even bigger favor by helping you organize accommodation for some of your guests. She can work on getting hotel deals, book rooms for immediate family and any elderly relatives that need rooms at the venue. 

She can come to bridal shows with you! In the early stages of your planning you should visit a few bridal showcases to meet vendors and get some ideas. But wouldn’t it be the perfect mother – daughter bonding moment? She might see a few things you missed and once your brain is filled with bridal stuff she can refresh your memory about things you saw at the shows.

She can help organize the bridal shower! Of course it’s the maid of honor’s main role, but she can delegate a few jobs to your mother. Your Mom might have more time on her hands to pick stuff like cupcakes up from bakeries. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it (and resist sampling one or two!) 


If your Mom is willing she can even host the bridal shower. She can provide the venue and then sit back, relax and wait for the party to start (or try take over, but we hope she shows some restraint).

She can help you pick out your wedding dress! Sometimes it’s good to have another pair of eyes to look at you in your potential wedding dress. After all, your Mom has been putting you in dresses since you were born so she has some idea of what looks good on you. Of course she might try and put you in the princessiest of wedding dresses, but she’s only trying to help.

Your Mom can also help you pick a band or DJ by going to see someone you’re considering play live. As well as helping you out, she can have the chance for a night out with your Dad or some of her gal pals. 

Ask your Mom about any family wedding traditions and see if you want to include them in your day. If she doesn't know then put her in charge of doing some research to see if your older family members remember any traditions you can revive. If she comes to a dead end your Mom can always be in charge of creative ways you can include something old, new, borrowed and blue.

If your Mom wants to take a step back or you want her to be less involved (not every mother – daughter relationship is like a page from Little Women) then ask her to do something more crafty like create a photo collage for the wedding. If she’s good with computers she could even make a slideshow for the wedding. Just check it before you air it because everyone has that baby bath time pic that makes every bride cringe!



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