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10 ways to keep your guests entertained

It is sometimes easy to forget about your wedding guests when you are so focused on planning your big day but we have ten fun ways to keep your guets entertained on your big day! 

We all love a good wedding but for your guests the day can be very long and there can be a lot of times that they are just waiting around. You are so busy planning your big day that you can often forget about the guests! We have ten ways that you can ensure that your guests are entertained all day long. 

The chances are that when your ceremony is over, your guests will be getting peckish, let’s be honest  most of them were probably beautifying themselves all morning and skipped breakfast,  so why not organise some fun activities including food to greet your guests at the reception. 

Entertaining Kids

It is easy to forget about the children in the process of planning a wedding but it is vital to ensure that your little guests are entertained as it is a super long day for them. You can arrange a children’s room in the hotel with games and activities or you can have a children’s table at the reception with lots of board games and coloring books and things to ensure the children are kept entertained.  Other ideas include having a pet farm outside and let the cute animals do all the entertaining or hiring a bouncy castle.  These ideas will ensure that the children enjoy your wedding just as much as the adults. 

Board games

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Board games have been entertaining people for centuries so why not have some games at your reception, you could have mini versions of the old time favourites on your tables! These will be great entertainment for your guests while waiting for the meal or after the meal. 

Advice cards 

You learn something new every-day right? And your big day is no different, so why not have advice cards for your guests to fill in and offer you and your partner some first-hand advice? From how to spend date nights, to how to divide the household chores, these charts will be fun for your guests to write and will also entertain you when you read them later!

Treasure hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt so why not organise a big treasure hunt outside for your guests at your reception? You can have little clue cards placed around the hotel grounds or you could have small chalk boards will riddles and clues. A treasure hunt is a great activity to get your guests mingling with each-other and you can draw up the teams to ensure your guests are mingling! This activity is perfect for all ages and is sure to be a real winner with your guests! 

True or false

Having a game of true or false is a fun way to entertain your guests. You can draw up a list of both true and false statements such as dates you and your partner met or places you have been or funny things about you and your guests will have to tick ‘true’ or ‘false’. You could have a small prize .for the person with the most correct! Which of your guests knows you best?


Everyone wants to be famous, well at least for a few minutes anyway! This is why karaoke is a great source of entertainment! Again, this is fun for all ages and there are sure to be people among your guests who are great karaoke divas!

Art attack

Why not organise a caricature artist to come to your reception and draw a portrait of your guests? This is such a fun and quirky idea and these pictures will be keep sakes for your guests also! You could get the artist to draw all the couples arriving and do a couple of copies that way you can have a collage of your guests caricatures in your wedding album! 

Memory cards

So many memories will be made on your wedding day and a nice way to always remember these moments is to have your guests write a memory from your day on a piece of card at the end of the night. This will be fun for your guests and you will have lots of little cards that you can later make a collage from and frame it! This would look so beautiful in your wedding album or on your wall! 

Ice cream stand

You could have an ice-cream stand and allow your guests to make their own ice-cream creations or you could have a cocktail tutorial class and allow your guests to make their own cocktails.  


Everyone loves a surprise, so why not plan a surprise for your guests? This could be anything from a fire work display to a flash mob by your groomsmen and bridesmaids (You could all get together and put a flash mob together before your day). Imagine your guest’s faces when you all start bobbing to the dance floor in a choreographed dance routine! 

Your big day is all about you, but it is important not to forget your guests! Make sure to plan fun activities to ensure your wedding day is one to remember for all the right reasons! 


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