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10 Wedding Duties to Give To the Groom

People might think that all a groom has to do at his wedding is show up, there are some wedding planning duties that are the groom's responsibility. Modern grooms do take a more active role in planning the day, but there are some tasks he might like to claim as his own.

Check out these 10 roles that are usually the groom's responsibility!

The engagement ring

Choosing the engagement ring is traditionally the groom's role, but these days brides-to-be are often involved in the process of picking out a ring. It's still traditional for the groom still purchase bride's engagement and wedding rings and, if needed, he arranges engraving.

The guest list

The groom is partially responsible for compiling the guest list with the bride-to-be, and ensuring that his side of the family is included in the list.

His wedding party

He will need to pick out his bridal party including his best man and any groomsmen or ushers. He is also in charge when it comes to choosing the attire for them (as well as his own) and gets final say on what they wear.

Planning a honeymoon

Traditionally the groom was responsible for planning and booking the honeymoon. Today, couples now do this together, while others stick to the traditional roles and let the groom do the planning.

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The rehearsal dinner

The groom's parents traditionally pay for the rehearsal dinner, so it's up to the groom to coordinate with them so the evening is just right!

Doing paperwork

The groom is traditionally in charge of arranging for and purchasing the marriage license, but make sure you do it in plenty of time so your marriage is legal. Remember to bring any required documents on the big day, or give this responsibility to your best man.

Booking transport

The groom is usually the person who makes arrangements for transportation from the ceremony to the reception (if it's needed). Don't forget to book transportation to the wedding venue on the day itself!

Ordering your flowers

When the bride-to-be is ordering her flowers don't forget your own boutonnière and the ones for your wedding party!

Buying gifts

It is tradition for the groom to buy a gift for his bride on her wedding day. It's also becoming more popular for the groom to buy gifts for his best man and groomsmen as a sign of thanks.

Writing a speech

The father of the bride and the best man will give a speech at the wedding, but it is tradition for the groom to say a few words of thanks. Thankfully there is a lot less pressure on you than the best man!


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