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10 Worst Things About Planning a Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest times of your life, but the planning - not so much! Planning a wedding is full of highs and lows, and no matter what anyone says there are some annoying aspects to wedding planning. There are certain things that are worse than others, like these ten doozies!

Budget problems

Your dream wedding doesn't fit within your budget and it's stressing you out. There's no need to get into serious debt for your big day, so if you want to splurge on one aspect of your day then you will have to cut back in others. Your wedding is about your love and making a commitment, so you can still have an amazing wedding and stay within your budget.

Cutting your guest list

You have written down everyone you want and need to invite to your wedding, but there's no way you can accommodate them all! Cutting your guest list will give you a headache and just when you think it's sorted another person is added to the list. You have to be ruthless and get cutting - you'll feel better once it's done.

Getting addresses

If you're sending out your invitations in the post then you have the fun task of gathering postal addresses. Sometimes you will have to ask more than once, and you'll need to double check that people still live at the same address. You also have to make sure you have the right first and last name for your guests - who knew something so simple could be so stressful!

Waiting foR RSVPs

You have your guest list and you send out your invitations, now you have to wait for RSVPs. In our digital age people have become pretty slack when it comes to using a postal service, and even if you create a wedding website where people can log in and RSVP you'll find that you still waiting for people to let you know if they can make it. If you don't want people just showing up on the day and cause you stress then you'll have to get on the phone and find out who can come and who can't.

Being called bridezilla

You aren't being unreasonable asking for your guests to RSVP, so you when someone turns round and says you're becoming a bridezilla you'll be ready to lose your cool. Sadly this won't be the last time you hear this word, even if you think you are being the calmest version of yourself.

The bridal party

First you have to choose who you want to be in your bridal party, then they might cause you so much stress you want to drop them. Some brides are lucky enough to be blessed with angels in their bridal party, but not everyone is so lucky. We've heard countless stories of bridesmaids going bad or just dropping out at the last minute. Just another thing to add to the list of things that will stress you out!

The seating chart

If you though choosing your guests was difficult, now you have to decide where you sit. When asked what the worst thing about planning a wedding is, most brides will say that creating the seating chart is at the top of the list! Trying to put people who like each other together on one table is quite the headache, so sit down and prepare for one of the toughest puzzles you'll ever face in life!

Managing your time

You might think your wedding is an age away - but next thing you know your wedding is only a few months away and you have lots to do! Most of your free time will go to wedding planning, so you will lose the time you have to relax. Not having enough hours in the day is one reason planning a wedding is so stressful. Try and step away from the planning now and again so you can come back to it refreshed and ready for more.

Demanding people

“I don't want to sit next to them!" “I don't like that dress on you!" Plenty of people will have an opinion and they aren't afraid to share it when it comes to your big day. Remember this is your day so have it your way - no matter what anyone else says!

Big day nerves

It's only natural to feel nervous on your big day. We're not saying you don't want to get married, it's just that you've worked at planning the big day for so long, and now it's here you want everything to go right. Try and fight those big day nerves and enjoy your day. Even if some little details aren't perfect, just focus on the happy parts of your day.


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