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5 Questions to Ask Each Other Before Marriage

There are things you will have talked about during your relationship like your plans and hopes for the future. But, have you and your fiancée discussed the issues that will really make your marriage work?

"Can we be open about sex?"

You might be waiting until your wedding night or have already got acquainted under the sheets, but your sex life will change over time. A healthy relationship is one where you can talk about your wants and needs, so if your sex life could do with some oomph then you need to feel comfortable talking about any issues.

"How will we manage our finances?"

It might be a romance killer, but this is an important issue to deal with before marriage. You should be aware if there has been any debt problems in the past that might affect any future borrowing. Savings and retirement plans are also worth discussing, and if your plans for children depend on your financial status. How couples deal with money can lead to arguments, so it's better to be honest and go into your marriage financially aware.

"When do you want children?"

While lots of couples have the conversation about whether or not they want kids or not, but the question of when is often forgotten about. If one of you wants to start a family after the wedding and one of you wants to wait a few years then you will have to work out a compromise between you.

Is religion going to be a part of our relationship?

Even if you don't consider yourselves religious, there are reasons to discus your faith before marriage. One of you might want a church wedding, while the other wants something less formal. It's also important when it comes to children because you might have different ideas about everything from their baptism to choice of schools.

"Where do you see us in 10 years time?"

Yes you will be married, but do you both have the same hopes and dreams for your future? Look out for things that could cause conflict like if you will have kids or not and where you might live. Other things to ask about is career goals and if they will have an impact on family life, and any personal goals that might call for sacrifice on the other person.


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