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5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are expensive, but if you're on a tight budget there are ways to save money without cutting corners. We have five ways you can save but still have your dream wedding!

Shop the sales

You might be planning a year or two ahead of the big day, so that gives you plenty of time to snap up some bargains! Summer and January sales are the perfect time to pick up a few things for your wedding at a budget friendly cost. But the early shopper catches the best deals, so do some research! Go to the stores before the sale and get an idea of what you want. Take photos and don't be afraid to ask the sales assistants if that item will be included in the sale. Make a plan with your bridesmaids about what you want and from where and you can all be responsible for buying one item. Use social media apps like Whatsapp to create a group to share pictures and bargain buys!

Ditch the wedding dress

We're not saying you should go without a dress; you can get the dress for less when you shop outside the wedding boundaries! When searching for the perfect gown on a tight budget you can avoid the main bridal departments and head to the dress aisle where you will find lots of options that are wedding dress-like at a budget-friendly price. If your dream is to wear a wedding gown, there are bridal sections in department stores that have great gowns and great sales!

Marry out of season

When you have flexibility when it comes to your wedding date, you have saving power! There are days and seasons where there is less competition for wedding dates, and with that comes negotiating power. Find out when it's off-season in your area and then try and negotiate a discount with venues, and if they won't be moved on the price you could negotiate some extras in your package like a drinks reception. If you really want a date in wedding season, getting married on a weekday or early in the morning can save you money!

Rent the venue

Rather than hiring out a room you could rent out a whole venue that you could use as your ceremony and reception venue as well as a place for the wedding party to stay. Large houses and homes are perfect wedding venues, and it might allow you to cater the wedding and provide your own bar. Seriously - who doesn't love a house party! You can also make it the place to start your honeymoon and married life together.

Cut the cake

On your wedding day you can do whatever you want (despite what people tell you) so if you don't want a wedding cake, you don't have to have one. Opt for a nice dessert or snacks like donuts and cookies that you can buy in a supermarket – perfect for an intimate wedding. Compare the cost of feeding your guests dessert with the cost of a cake because you want to make sure you go for the budget-friendly option.


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