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5 steps to buff, bronzed bridal beauty!

For many brides, slipping into that dream dress involves flashing a lot more flesh than they’re used to. Sure, your gown might sweep the floor, but some combination of arms/shoulders/décolleté/cleavage/back will still be on display - so prep like a pro, with our top bridal body beauty tips!

  1. Dry body brushing
    This is one of the quickest - and most affordable - routes to healthy-looking skin. We recommend a long-handled brush with natural bristles - you’ll find one in most drug stores. Just two minutes, twice a week, can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. Benefits include improved circulation and lymphatic drainage: we’re talking smoother, softer skin with a natural glow! Starting with the soles of your feet, brush gently towards your heart; get into the habit of doing this twice a week on dry skin before showering and you’ll soon reap the rewards.
  2. Battle breakouts
    When you want to look awesome from all angles, try this A-list red carpet tip. For picture-perfect skin all over, treat your chest, back and arms with the same products you use on your face. This is particularly effective if you suffer from breakouts on your body. Look for cleansers with salicylic acid: this ingredient fights blemishes, but also has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.
  3. Scrub-a-dub-dub!
    Twice a week, use a gentle exfoliating scrub to increase circulation and slough off dead skin cells. Look for one with oils or rich emollients that will also moisturize the skin. Sugar scrubs are great and you can even mix your own – just add a small amount of granulated sugar to a moisturizing body wash. Oh, and shaving acts as an exfoliant - so skip the scrub where your razor’s been busy!
  4. Moisturize from top to toe!
    For silky-smooth skin, moisturize twice daily in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Use a lotion, body butter or oil straight after your shower or bath, when your skin’s still damp; this locks in water and helps your products go the extra mile.
  5. Get your glow on
    Whether it’s a salon spray or a DIY self-tanner, pick out your favourite faux glow in the months leading up to your wedding. Apply two days before your special day, and choose a natural color that complements your skin tone and the color of your dress. (Psst! Wearing a sleeveless gown? A deeper tan under your tricep can help arms look more toned.)


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