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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Planning a Wedding

People will tell you lots of things about planning a wedding: It’s stressful, expensive, time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes fun. While those descriptions are correct and pretty common, there’s much more to wedding planning than what you might have heard!

There are no rules, period

If you want your wedding to be very traditional- it can be. If you want it to seem more like a Halloween party - it can be. You do not have to have a maid of honor... you do not have to have a reception... Save for legal things, you do not HAVE to have or do anything at your wedding, and there’s also really nothing you can’t do (as long as you have the funds). This is your wedding and don't ever let anyone else tell you otherwise.

You’ll find out who your friends are 

It’s easy for people to stand by you and support you in the face of unavoidable catastrophe or when life is going well. But what about when you’re stressed to breaking point over a celebration? People will tell you that it's only one day, people will tell you to get a grip, or they might even call you Bridezilla! You will be surprised how the number of people you thought you could cry or complain to about anything falls after the third time you’ve had a meltdown over the flowers. One thing's for sure -the ones who stay, however, are most likely going to stick around for life. 

You won't get out of it what you put into it

Planning a wedding takes up lots of your time, stress, and (often) tears - it will basically consume your life. And when the big day comes it will all be over in four or five hours! Most people won't comment on the hand-embroidered favor tags you spent days tracking down on Etsy. Should you still put effort into planning your wedding? Absolutely, but keep in mind that unbalanced return on investment ratio whenever you’re tempted to spread yourself too thin.  

You’ll wish you eloped

This is a perfectly normal stage of wedding planning, and it will happen when you’ve already put down some sizeable nonrefundable deposits. You’ll feel overwhelmed by the amount of work left to be done even though you’ve done so much already and possibly a bit trapped. Breath in, breathe out, lean on those true friends, and focus on what your wedding is really about: two becoming one in front of all the people they love.

Things will go wrong

Everyone knows that weddings that  are without a hitch are more fantasy than reality, and the process of planning a wedding is no different. Something is not going to be available for your date. Something is not going to work within your budget. Something is going to fall through. Something will go wrong. And as long as you make peace with that fact, you’ll be much better prepared to deal with it when it does.



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