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5 Things to Avoid the Week Before the Wedding

You might have just got engaged, or be in the middle of the wedding planning process, so the week before your wedding might sound like it’s way off in the distance, but doing some work early means your last week as a single woman will be so much easier! 

Doing things in advance means that you can relax before the big day, and whatever you do, avoid doing these things the week before the wedding!

Changing your look

Your wedding might seem like the perfect opportunity to try something new, but avoid doing anything drastic the week before the wedding. You should’ve had consultations with your hairdresser and make-up artist, so you don’t want to show up on your big day with something dramatically different. Getting a drastic haircut could mean your hair texture is different and a new shape could clash with your gown’s neckline. It’s also a no-no to change your hair color the week of the wedding.  You don’t want the stress of fixing a bad dye job or color disaster when you’re already stressed out. Speak to your hairstylist early in your wedding process about what will work with your dress and stick with it! 

Extreme dieting

The week before the wedding is not the time to start your diet! You won’t win your weight battle overnight with a quick fix solution. So if you want to get into a shape before the big day you should start early, have a workout plan and eat healthily. If you don’t eat properly then you won’t have the energy for the week ahead. You should also avoid drinking too much the week of the wedding because shaking a hangover can take longer than you think!

Extreme exercising 

Just like dieting, don’t embark on an intensive exercise regime the week of your wedding. We all know the feeling of sore muscles after a gym session, so imagine those sore muscles on the day of your wedding – ouch! You could also injure yourself by embarking on new routine, so take it easy. Go for exercises that relieve stress like walking or a jog with friends. 

DIY projects

If you are going to make things yourself then you really shouldn’t leave them to the week of the wedding. The last thing you need in the days before the big day is to be up until the early hours working on craft projects. It’s important to get organized before the wedding and write some kind of planning timeline in advance. If you are short on time try and get friends or bridesmaids to help you out so you can focus on the big day. 

Get stressed

There are plenty of things that have the potential to get you stressed the week of your wedding. But try to remain relaxed and stress free so you don’t become a huge stressed-out mess on your wedding day. Try calming walks or yoga when you feel stress take hold and try to delegate problems that arise to the people around you (if they’re willing to help). Also, follow our guide to being a stress free bride! 



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