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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bridesmaids

There's a lot to think about when planning a wedding, but picking your bridesmaids should be one of the most fun parts. But then you have to sit down and do it and you soon realise that it's a lot harder than you thought!

Choosing bridesmaids is one of the most important parts of the planning process for a bride. Once you and your groom decide how big your bridal party will be, you need to think about who will be at your side on one of the most important days of your life.

To help you pick wisely we have five things you should consider when choosing your bridesmaids.

Choose reliable people

Choosing your bridal party isn't about choosing the people you love, it's also about choosing the people who have stuck with you. If you have a best friend who is a little flaky then you should think twice about including her. Otherwise you might find she's missing in action, having a meltdown, or otherwise unprepared on the big day. You could end up not being friends after the wedding - so for the sake of your friendship you should pick someone else.

Remember your family

You might want to fill up your bridal party with your best friends, but etiquette dictates that your sisters should be included. If you are not close you might not want to give her a role of responsibility, but she can still be in your bridal party. If this is the case, or you don't have a sister, you can always turn to a cousin or perhaps your future sister-in-law. But don't feel obliged to choose a family member.

Think carefully

You have to consider the kind of bridesmaid a friend will make and what they will bring to the group dynamic. You want someone who supports your marriage, so if a friend isn't too fond of your fiancé then she's probably not the right girl for the job. Also consider your friendship and how close you might be. You might have been friends forever, but if you haven't seen each other in the past 12 months you might lose touch with her in the future.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bridesmaids

Try to be practical

According to tradition, the number of bridesmaids you have is determined by the size and type of your wedding - a large formal wedding has more bridesmaids than an informal ceremonies. Consider the size of your venue, because a small venue with look swamped with more than two bridesmaids. It might sound boring but you need to keep your budget in mind when choosing bridesmaids. The more girls you have the more it's going to cost you!

Let people down gently

You might be faced with hurt feelings and even tears after a choosing bridesmaids. If a person is upset, take them to one side and explain your reasons. If they are a friend then they will understand. You can always give them another role in your wedding like greeting guests or giving a reading.


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