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5 things you must do on your honeymoon

No two couples are alike. You might be itching to get to the beach while your best friend spends her honeymoon ice fishing. But no matter where your honeymoon adventure takes you, to get the most out of your honeymoon you need to combine some adventure, romance and excellent eating. Check out these five honeymoon must-dos for a post-wedding vacation you'll never forget!

Take lots of pictures

If ever there was a time to photograph everything, your honeymoon is it. Fifty years from now, your photos can help jog your memory into recalling long-forgotten events. Don't be shy about taking photos, particularly of gorgeous scenery and good food, and feel free to ask waiters and random passersby to snap a few shots of you and your new spouse. If you tell them you're on your honeymoon, they'll be more than willing to accommodate.

Go on an adventure

Not all couples are up for trekking the Andes on a honeymoon, but every newlywed couple needs at least a small adventure. New challenges get your heart pumping and produce endorphins, which can help you feel even more in love. Even better, you'll be talking about your adventure on your honeymoon for the rest of your life. Whether it's something low-key like snorkeling, or something more challenging like cage diving with sharks, take advantage of local activities and find something challenging - and just a bit risky. 

Grab a glorious dinner

Even if you're truly in the middle of nowhere, you haven't really experienced your destination until you've taken in some local cuisine. Commit a portion of your budget - and at least one evening - to a luxurious dinner. If you're in a more remote location and restaurants are out of the picture, go daring and eat the most popular local dish, even if it's something you'd normally avoid.

Spend a day inside

Everyone knows that a honeymoon is, at least in part, about consummating your marriage. So go for broke and spend a day inside focused completely on each other. The outside world can wait, but spending some quality time together gets your marriage - and your honeymoon - off on the right foot.

Learn about local life

Particularly if you stay in a resort, you may end up isolated from the locals with little insight into what the destination you've chosen is really like. Spend at least a day away from the comforts of your hotel and get to know some locals. You may learn about traditions you've never heard of, eat delicious food, and get a glimpse into what daily life is really like in your honeymoon destination.

The most important thing to do is what makes you happy. There's no right way to have a honeymoon. Instead, the focus should be on enjoying your first vacation together as a couple. If you're a book lover, there's no shame in staying in and reading. Crave adventure? No need to stay at a resort. Try camping or staying with a local tribe instead. Your honeymoon should be uniquely you - just remember to take lots of pictures!


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