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5 Things you Should DIY Instead of Buy for Your Wedding

While some things are best left to professionals, there are a few projects that you can do yourself before the big day. Even if DIY or crafting isn’t really your thing, you can save a lot of cash and perhaps even some time by tackling these five simple projects. 

DIY wedding invitations

It’s easy to create a gorgeous wedding invitation at home. Head to your local office supply store or stationary shop and start looking through paper to get inspired. Your own creativity is really your only limitation here. There are countless different options as far as software and websites. The majority of them are incredibly easy to use so no design skills are required. Going to a office supply store to have your invites printed will cost a fraction of the price that a normal wedding invitation company would charge. 

DIY Wedding Program

One of the best things to do when planning a wedding is to ask yourself what you will care about later on down the line. There are definitely things that you, your family and your closest friends will hang onto for a lifetime. Like it or not, there are things that will be tossed and forgotten about too. For the most part, wedding programs aren’t really worth it. Most guests will end up tossing them and you’ll probably forget about them. Tons of couples are jumping on the blackboard bandwagon... and for good reason. You can make gorgeous designs on the blackboards or have another type of sign printed out instead of giving every guest a progam. 

DIY wedding guest book 

Rather than having a guest book that you’ll probably never open again, create a usable momento. Fingerprint trees are incredibly hip at the minute. You can print out a tree that has a space for each of your guests to leave a fingerprint. The great thing about this is that you can then hang it on your wall after the wedding. You might also want to consider getting a large letter (maybe symbolizing your new last name) that everyone can sign or a globe that your guests can write a special message on. Get creative and look for things that you can display long after the wedding. 

DIY wedding centerpieces 

There are an endless number of different centerpieces that you can make. You wouldn’t have enough time in your entire life to sort through all of the centerpieces on Pinterest - from painted jars and bottles to buds, leaves, sprigs and candles, there is something for every style and wedding theme. You don’t need much creativity or style to create a stunning centerpiece. Look online for a centerpiece that you love then get to work on creating. 

DIY wedding cocktails 

Forget about hiring a bartender or getting crates of champagne. Create a signature cocktail for your wedding! It’s great to have a couple of other options but don’t make yourself crazy trying to cater to every person’s tastes. Find a cocktail that works with the theme of your wedding and then make it yourself. Serve a spiced pomegranate cocktail if your wedding color is red. Go for piña colada at a beach wedding. Find something that works with the feeling of your wedding and you cane even make a display of it!



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