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5 Wedding Planning Tips For Brides Over 40

As the saying goes ‘Good things come to those who wait’, and this is especially true for those getting married later in life. With Cameron Diaz recently walking down the aisle for the first time at the age of 42, the idea of waiting to tie the knot is becoming more and more common. Whatever the reason for lingering, it’s most definitely a time to rejoice. The hard part is over, you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and now the celebrations can begin. 

What you want from your wedding day is happy memories with those you love, and these are some things worth remembering as your planning gets underway. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 40s or 70s, these guidelines will work for any occasion. 

The guest list

Just because you went to these people’s wedding in your twenties, but haven’t seen them since, doesn’t mean you need to invite them. It’s not necessary to include everyone on your annual holiday card list, so just stick with your nearest and dearest. An advantage to getting married later is that you know who your lifelong friends are, so you can forget any floozies. If you want to keep numbers down, don’t be pressured into inviting plus ones; after all it is your day.

The bridal party

The bridal party may differ in this case, as you might want to veer away from the traditional gaggle of bridesmaids and instead opt for family members rather than friends. There’s no need to feel obligated into throwing a wild bachelorette party if it’s not you - instead go with you gut when picking your wedding party. When getting hitched later in life, it is important to include those relatives who have supported you on life’s journey to the altar. Sadly some may have passed away, but little details can be included into the ceremony to remember them dearly. If your dad can’t be there, then getting an uncle, brother or close friend to give you away can be a compromise. 

In fact including children works wonderfully, and can be a thoughtful touch to your big day. It’s a chance to get nieces, nephews and godchildren to be a part of your wedding. Why not follow in Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie’s footsteps by getting your son to walk you down the aisle. It is also lovely to honor blended families when choosing your bridal party, so if you or your husband-to-be has children, or grandchildren, make sure to involve them.

The dress

You can rip up the rule book when it comes to wedding outfits for a sophisticated bride. Whatever you end up wearing, just be sure to stick with something that reflects you. Know your own style and be confident in your choices. If in doubt, timeless and simple silhouettes are safe bets. If you want to go for the white meringue dress then do, but if not there are many attractive alternatives. Whether you’ve been holding out to walk down the aisle or if this is I do take two, there are plenty of less traditional options which will suit more seasoned brides. This is a great chance to opt for a stylish suit, and splash out on statement shoes if you can’t picture yourself in a typical wedding dress. Why not take a leaf out of Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw’s book and wear stand out heels like her blue Manolos when she finally married Mr. Big.

Another fun fashion choice is to go for a colored number, you could channel Julianne Moore’s lilac slip wedding gown. Pastel colors are an ideal substitute when a virginal white robe isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Additionally, length is also likely to be a consideration for a more mature lady, and it might be nice to do a shorter style dress. And if you don’t like your arms then a chic bolero or sleeved jacket works well as the perfect accompaniment to your nuptial outfit. Sleeker silhouettes tend to be more flattering for your big day and adding sparkles can be a risk.

The speeches

Speeches provide the perfect opportunity to thank people for their support and friendship over the years. Rather than launch into a long list of loved ones, it’s better for you and your groom to pay tribute together. Take inspiration from Cameron Diaz’s wedding words, ‘I waited because I didn’t want to settle and now I got the best man ever’ as you pen your speech. Think moving memories and humorous tales from your life getting to this point. It’s a good time to mention those dearly departed too, and acknowledge any new family members or children you may be taking on. The main thing about speeches for those getting married at a mature age, is to recognise the blending of two established lives into one. Regardless of the circumstances, wedding speeches should have love as the overriding sentiment and celebratory toasts will follow. 

The honeymoon

While your honeymoon can often be an afterthought when overwhelmed with wedding prep, you’ll regret it if you leave it to the last minute. This is an important part of rounding off your wedding day and shouldn’t be forgotten. So make sure to pick a destination for some much needed rest and relaxation. And as you’ve held off to tying the knot, it is likely that your budget will stretch to a romantic exotic location - treat yourself. Your honeymoon should be something to look forward to after the madness of the big day, and leave you energised for the many years of wedded bliss ahead. Whether your trip is great family getaway or a once-in-a-lifetime couples cruise, having waited so long a heavenly honeymoon is the least you deserve.

Most of all, enjoy the day and have a party to celebrate in style!




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