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5 Ways to Celebrate your Engagement

Getting engaged is serious cause for celebration! Once the question has been popped and the ring is on, you'll want to sing about it from the rooftops. Now is the perfect time to bring together all of your friends and family to share the excitement. Looking for a way to bring people together? Check out these ideas...

Sunday Brunch

The great thing about engagement brunches is that they are both traditional and flexible. If you just want to invite your close friends and family to your engagement party, a Sunday brunch is perfect. You can invite over a few guests over to your place for an intimate brunch of homemade pancakes. If you want to expand the guest lists a bit, rent out a quaint bed and breakfast for the afternoon. It's a tried and true engagement party theme because you can make it work with any style.

Have a BBQ

Do you have a Pinterest board full of outdoor wedding ideas? If you are in love with the idea of an outdoor theme but aren't ready to risk walking down the aisle with an umbrella, go for an engagement party barbeque. Bring everyone to the beach, rent a barn, or just head for the hills. Make a backup plan for rain then incorporate all of your favorite outdoor wedding decor. Think of it as a mini wedding without all the worrying.

Wine tasting event

Traditionally engagement parties have served as a way for the future wedding guests to get to know each other. While your families have probably already met, there will still be a few new faces and relationships to be forged. Why not make it easy for people? A wine tasting party gives guests something to chat about it. If you aren't big vino fans, go for whiskey sampling or cheese boards or whatever it is that you really love. An experimental sort of theme makes it easy to come up with game and icebreakers to get the party going.

Surprise party

If spreading the word about your engagement on Facebook isn't quite romantic enough for you, go for a surprise party! Invite people to a party under whatever guise necessary then announce the big news. Let your close friends and family in on the plan then start planning! Of course, timing is important in the case of a surprise engagement party because word does tend to spread. It may be a bit of extra work to put together an impromptu shindig but it's well worth it to let your loved ones share in on the whirlwind excitement.

Do your own thing

Formal engagement parties are very much optional. If you don't want to have a party, there is no reason to feel like you have to have one. Announce your engagement over a family dinner. Go out with your friends to celebrate. Let your families get to know each other better over Christmas dinner. If it isn't easy logistically to get both of your families together or if formal parties just aren't your style, forget about it! Celebrate if your own way.


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