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5 Ways to Have the Ultimate Celebrity Style Wedding

There was a time when weddings were simple and private events. Now we can all behave like celebrities and have our weddings splashed all over social media. Guests have high expectations for weddings and those pesky celebrities and their glitzy festivities are raising the bar even higher.

We have five ways you can have a celebrity style wedding with We have five ways you can have a celebrity style wedding with some inspiration from the A-list!

Marry on an island

If it's good enough for Johnny and Amber, then it's good enough for you. Jet off to your private island and enjoy an intimate wedding by the sea. Ok, we know that you don't have an island at your disposal, but you could have a beach wedding, or a wedding by water, or just a venue that has a view of the sea. You can flash the cash and hire a private beach or get married during the quiet season so you have a greater chance of having some celeb-style peace and quiet!

Quirky transport

Thinking about getting a classic car or horse – that's so 1990s! These days it's all about the quirky modes of transport, ones that will get your wedding noticed. Think Solange Knowles – she arrived at her wedding on a white wedding bicycle. The world took notice and social media went into a sharing frenzy as soon as the first photos appeared. Why not turn up to your wedding in an usual way – how about hiring a Segway, putting on your rollerblades or getting to your venue on a pogo stick? Ok, perhaps not that extreme but you can do something pretty unique like hiring a tank or a tractor. Do your day your way!

Modify your dress

Sick of seeing rail after rail of white dresses? Then why not get something simple and make it your own! That's what Angelina Jolie did - she thought getting the kids designs put on her veil was a great way to get them involved in the day. While getting Versace to customize a gown is beyond the budgets of most brides, you could always let the kids go wild with marker pens or paint. Of course you're not going to do that (well we hope you don't), but you can get a dressmaker to do them for you. You can also make subtle changes by using accessories – doing something as simple as adding a brooch or pin can add some bling to a plain gown and make it a bit more unique.

Celebrity performers

Want something that will make everyone say “Wow!" Do like the A-listers do and book a celebrity performer! Kim and Kanye had Lana Del Rey, Hugh Jackman performed at Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's wedding, while Andrea Bocelli serenaded George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. So maybe your budget can't stretch to one of the biggest names in the world of music, but you can always get a tribute act to perform your favorite tunes. Close your eyes and pretend they are the real deal and enjoy your money well spent.

Tequila or shots

Wine or cocktails are traditional wedding tipple, but you can drink like the stars and serve shots to your guests. George and Amal had 50 cases of tequila at their wedding – so while you might not be able to find the money for a wedding in Venice you can do like the stars and down a few shots of tequila. But we are not responsible for any violence or throwing-up that follows, so perhaps a few shooters created to fit in with your theme would be a better idea if you want to go all celeb.


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