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5 Ways To Include People Who Can't Make Your Wedding On The Big Day

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be able to make it to your wedding. This can be very upsetting if it's a close friend or a family member - but try not to worry. In this modern world, distance doesn't have the same power as it used to. All it takes is a little creativity and that person will be able to make their mark on your big day, just like everyone else. 

Video messages

Get whoever it is that can't make it to record a video message that you can play during the speeches on the day. This is a lovely touch and as soon as you see their face on screen, they won't seem so far away. Just make sure to wear water proof mascara!

Wall of photos

Another great way to include someone who can't make it is to have a wall of photos of you and them together. If they live far away, you could have a map or some postcards with their address to show how your friendship has lasted despite the distance. 

Pre-wedding activities

Even if someone can't make the actual wedding, it's great to include them in the pre-wedding activities like the bridal shower or hen party. You could also organise a day where the two of you do something fun like a hot air balloon ride, and get your wedding photographer to take some photos to include in the album.

Use hashtags

If you or any of your guests are social media fans, you could live tweet the wedding and set up a hashtag like #lauraandjohnswedding. That way, anyone who couldn't make it can follow what's going on and respond with their own tweets!

Represent them in a different way

If someone particularly close to you can't make it, you may want to carry a piece of them with you all day. Perhaps you could include their favourite flowers in the bouquet, or wear a piece of their jewellery.


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