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5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Simpler

We know that wedding planning is stressful, so anything that makes the process simpler is only a good thing. There are a few tricks that you can use to make the planning process easier - just check out these five ideas.

Create a new email account

You will need to use email during your wedding planning, so rather than clogging up your email why not create a new wedding focused account. Crating a wedding-only email account means you can filter out information from vendors and keep it organized in one place. You can also give your partner access to the account so you can both keep on top of things. Another bonus is that it will also stop you from being sidetracked from your daily life and work by wedding matters that you can look at during your break.

Number your RSVP cards

If you have asked people to send RSVP cards back to you then you should number them before you send them out. Why? Because not everyone has neat handwriting and you could find yourself spending hours trying to figure out who is coming! If you number them and get a response that's unreadable or missing a name, then you will still know who sent it.

Get everything ready

Make sure things are ready before the big day – sounds obvious, but we're talking about the big things. You need to make sure your shoes are worn in and ready for the big day and that you have the right underwear for your dress. If you're walking on grass then get your heel protectors ready so you won't sink into the grass.

Make someone the 'Go to' person

On your wedding day you want to be able to enjoy everything and not have to worry about everyone else. You have plenty of things to focus on without dealing with questions about things like parking from your guests. Get your maid of honor, wedding planner or a member of your wedding party available to answer calls and deal with queries from guests so you can focus on being newlyweds.

Keep notes

As soon as gifts arrive you should keep a note of who sent what so you can keep track of who you want to say thank you to. There's nothing worse than having a pile of unwrapped gifts and no idea who sent what – then comes the hours of figuring who sent what. It will also help of you keep track of who you invited and who comes to the wedding – you'll be glad you did when you send your thank-you notes.


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