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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Exciting

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding day, but regardless of how naked the cake or differently colored the bridesmaid dresses, weddings are still basically made up of all the same things. Fear not! there are still exciting options out there that will knock your guests' socks off!

Location, Location, Location

Possibly the best (and probably most expensive) option to add some serious pizazz to your big day is by having it at an exotic location. Now, “exotic" may bring to mind somewhere tropical with lots of flowers and crashing waves, but why not use a bit of imagination? Did you two go to the movies on your first date? Rent out a theater and have a movie food reception. Share a mutual love of thrill rides? Call up your local amusement park and scream your 'I Do' on a rollercoaster. Both crazy about animals? Walk down a concrete aisle to get married in front of the giraffes at the zoo.

Surprise Them with a Professional

Everyone expects food, dancing, and possibly a few drunken shenanigans at the reception, so give them an awesome surprise! Hire a professional entertainer to wow the crowd. Options could include a comedian, a magician, and a hypnotist. You could also opt for someone to prowl the crowd, like a caricaturist or mime.

Make the Music the Entertainment

Give the age-old argument of DJ versus a band a swift kick in the pants and hire dueling pianos! Well versed in tickling the ivories and slinging insults, dueling pianists will be able to fulfill most of your guests' music requests and keep them in stitches between dances.

Have Your Guests Sing for Their Supper

If you want to go the opposite route of professional music, why not set up a karaoke machine? Let your guests serenade you during your first dance and then slur their way through your last. One caveat, if you have karaoke at your wedding, you absolutely must have a videographer or no one will believe you about Grandma's wicked rendition of “Baby Got Back."

Make Disposable Cameras a Game

Guests are always happy to play photographer and capture multiple (and often unflattering) angles of you cutting the cake or tossing the bouquet, but why not guarantee some more delightful amateur shots with a disposable camera scavenger hunt? Include interesting entries, such as “worst dancer" and “most hideous outfit."


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