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5 Ways to Negotiate Your Wedding Costs

You want the fairytale wedding, but you don’t have the fairytale budget -  when it comes to a wedding every cent counts. You can get your wedding for less with a bit of negotiation, and ask for discounts and added extras on everything from a venue to the dress!  

We can say from experience that haggling isn’t always fun and it certainly isn’t for everyone. While you might love finding bargains when you’re out shopping, trying to haggle every detail of your wedding can be quite exhausting and take away any enjoyment you have.  But if you’re working to a tight budget the savings make it worth the hassle.

Just because a venue, caterer or florist have an advertised price it doesn’t mean they can’t be flexible. With the right attitude you can save yourself money or barter yourself some freebies for your big day. To help you embark on quest for wedding negotiations we have five tips that will help you get what you want for less.

Do some research

Before you even walk into a business you need to do some research. Try to find how much people have paid for the goods or services you want, and look for any discounts or offers they might have offered in the past. If a venue had a special wedding deal in the past, they might be willing to offer it to you even though it has lapsed. Look for internet deals the company might offer because you can get them in real-life, and don’t forget to mention any deals competitors are offering and see if they will match the price. Asking for ten or even up to twenty percent off is acceptable, but you might be able to negotiate more. Have a price in mind before you go in and stick to it!   

Be confident but polite 

The secret to successful haggling is a lot of confidence and a little bit of impudence. When you enter the shop be confident that you can get a discount, if you appear nervous you’re less likely to get what you want. At all times during your negotiations you need to remain polite, you don’t want to be forceful because you’ll actually annoy the person you want to work with, and they might not want your custom. Politeness, friendliness, and a smile are harder to say no to than someone who talks tough. 


Be flexible 

If you get married during a venues' quiet period you might be able to get your venue at a bargain price! Find out when it’s off-season in your area and then try and negotiate a discount with venues – if you don’t ask, you don’t get! If they won’t be moved on the price you could negotiate some extras in your package like a drinks reception.  If you really want a date in wedding season, getting married on a weekday or early in the morning can be kinder to your budget. 

Ask for something free

If they won’t move on the price it might be because they can’t. So sometimes it’s easier to ask for them to add something on top to sweeten the deal. It might be champagne for a toast, lighting or chair covers – they could be willing to throw in some nice extras to get your custom. If you’re booking a wedding outside of the main wedding season then you have a lot more bargaining power. When it comes to the gown you might be able to get a headpiece or shoes included in the price, and when it comes to the cake you might get a special detail included.

Get it in writing

Once you have agreed a price you need to get any discounts and added extras in writing! That way you can be certain you will get what has been promised. Pay a deposit, but never the full amount… and don’t forget your wedding insurance so your payment is secure. When it comes to your wedding gown, if you’ve got yourself an amazing price you might have to pay in full at that moment, and sometimes in cash. But the saving will mean it's worth it! 



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