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5 ways to plan a bachelorette party on a budget

Planning a bachelorette party can be hard work, especially when you're trying to organize something that the bride will enjoy, while trying to keep her friends happy! Then there's the cost to think can just see those numbers getting higher and higher.

Worrying about expenses can put extra stress on your maid-of-honor (or the person whose job it is to organize the party), but it doesn't have to be an issue. What you need to remember is that the most important thing is that the bride has a good time, whether you have enough money for some cookies and a bottle of wine or can go all out and hire a fairground! With that in mind, we've come with five ideas for a fun-filled bachelorette party that won't break the bank.

Host a dinner party 

Instead of paying for a meal in an expensive restaurant, why not host a dinner party for your bride and her friends! This is a much cheaper alternative to eating out and can be just as enjoyable. You could even organize a wine tasting event by suggesting that each attendee brings their favorite bottle of wine. We can feel the hangover already!

Party local 

If it's a few girly drinks that you're after then why not think about heading to a bar or a club that's within walking distance. Not only will you save money on taxi fares, but you can catch up on all the news and gossip while you walk. 


Slumber party style!

Private venues, spa treatments, and male strippers can all lead to a hefty party bill that is worse than any hangover. To avoid heavy costs you could host the bachelorette party in someone's home. Just think of it as a sophisticated slumber party. You can order in food and put on some chick-flick DVDs. If it's a bit of TLC that you need, why not pamper each other with homemade facials and manicures. Instead of hitting the latest hip bar, set up a bar at home and make your own cocktails (you could even invent some new ones). From cosmopolitans to martinis, there are lots of fun recipes to try out!

Daytime party

For something a little different, yet still budget friendly, why not throw a daytime bachelorette party? Organize a picnic at the park complete with the bride's favorite foods or head to the beach for some sunshine and relaxation. You could even dig out your bikini and throw a party at your local pool - anyone for limbo?

DIY dress-up 

Dressing up can be a fun way to add a theme to the bachelorette party. But, fancy dress costumes can be expensive, especially if you don't plan on wearing them again once the bachelorette party is over. Instead, why not buy some fabric pens at your local store and make your own quirky personalized T-shirts! 


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