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5 Ways to Stay Stress-Free the Night Before the Wedding

Every bride (and groom) will feel nervous on her wedding day. Those butterflies in your stomach just before the doors open and you see the love of your life. Every bride will feel some nerves, but it’s only natural.

What people don’t tell you is that those nerves begin before your wedding day. That's why it’s important to relax the night before the big day so you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the wedding. Easier said than done? Not if you follow these simple pre-wedding steps. 

Be prepared

You have done all the hard work and everything is ready, so it’s time to relax. If you can’t help doing things at the last-minute you should get other people to help you. Don't try to do too much in the time you have left or you might end up getting very little sleep!

Try to relax

If you find yourself overthinking things and getting stressed when you’re left alone, if you’re not already planning to, you could stay with family or friends the night before the wedding. Plan a relaxing evening and watch a movie or have a pampering session to take your mind off your big day stress and focused on the wonderful day ahead.

Stay off drink

However tempted you are to have a few glasses of wine, don’t be tempted to overdo it.  Although you might think it will relieve the stress, you could end up with a hangover you’ll regret the next day. Make sure you drink plenty of water so you are hydrated and avoid caffeinated products that will keep you awake. 

Watch what you eat

Try not to eat anything the night before your wedding that will give you indigestion or leave you feeling bloated. Avoid carbonated drinks and starchy foods that cause bloating and gas. You should also steer clear of spicy food that can do funny things to your stomach. 

Get to bed

It’s more than likely that you’ll have to wake up early on your wedding day to get everything done before you walk down the aisle. That means it’s very important you get to bed at a reasonable hour. The more sleep you can get the night before the wedding, the more energy you'll have to enjoy the big day.



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