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8 Ultimate Groom Fails! #GROOMFAILS

While grooms don’t always get an easy ride when it comes to wedding planning, there are some grooms who just don’t help themselves. These are the grooms who get too drunk, fighting or even forget to book the wedding!

Then there are just the funny things that happen in life that nobody can plan for. At least the wedding will certainly be one nobody forgets! Check out these grooms’ spectacular fails! 

Falling down groom

Walking, stairs and holding a bouquet…it’s a lot for one man to handle. This poor groom found out the hard way about the need to focus. But there’s a lot of excitement on a wedding day, so who can blame a groom for falling head over heels for his bride (it could have ended a lot worse!)


The dancing groom fail

We all know that some grooms weren’t born with the gift of dancing feet, and this poor guy proves it. If you know you can’t dance or have had a little bit too much wine then it’s best to keep the dancing simple or you could end up as a fail! 


The fainting groom

This is no fault of the groom – but there are so many fainting grooms out there we had to include one! We’re giving guys a break on this one because there’s a lot of standing around, stress and warm conditions coming together, so who can blame a man (or woman) for feeling a bit faint! Let’s just hope that someone catches them before they hit the ground.


The REALLY drunk groom

In Australia, a groom was arrested after a minister refused to marry him because he was allegedly too drunk! Police arrested Jake Brookes after they were called to a disturbance at the Semaphore Uniting Church. “I have been dreaming for days and days and days about her beautiful wedding dress,” the tearful and bruised groom told one news channel. Not only did he lose his wedding he also lost his love and future bride whoo refused to take him back. Grooms – stay off the booze on your big day!

The angry groom

The biggest groom fail of all resulted in a six-year prison sentence! British groom Max Kay admitted to setting fire the drawing room of Peckforton Castle Hotel that was beneath the bridal suite where his new wife slept! When staff at the bar of the hotel told the groom Kay that the free bar tab was about to run out, the staff refused to give him more credit and an argument followed. CCTV caught the groom in the room where the fire, that caused £5.4million worth of damage, had been started in. 117 people, including 13 children and a disabled man in a wheelchair, had to be evacuated and more than 100 firemen tackled the blaze. That's one way to ruin your wedding!


Another drunk groom

As we’ve said, it’s really not worth getting drunk on your wedding day. Sure you can have a drink to celebrate, but like everything in life you gotta keep it in moderation! This poor bride isn’t happy when her groom tries to take off the garter when he’s a little bit twisted. We’re sure he didn’t get to forget his fail in a hurry (especially as it was caught on camera!)


The garter throw fail

We know from the past (think tossing the bouquet fails) that throwing something in a confined space is easier said than done! In some countries the groom will toss the garter to the single men at the wedding, and the man who catches the garter is supposed to place it on the leg of the woman who caught the bouquet. But the groom has gotta throw it first – something this guy had a bit of trouble with!



The forgetful groom

One forgetful groom forgot to do the paperwork to secure his wedding ceremony. His solution? To call in a bomb threat at the venue! The groom, Neil McArdle, had forgotten to fill in the necessary forms but could not face telling his fiancée the truth. So, while she got ready for her dream wedding, he slipped out of their house and went to a phone box. Disguising his voice, he rang Liverpool register office and said: "This is not a hoax call. There's a bomb in St George's Hall and it will go off in 45 minutes." Police traced the call and the groom was arrested the same day. He admitted to his "embarrassment and shame" that he had panicked over bungling the forms and staged the bomb scare. In return he was sentenced to 12 months in jail. So coming clean would have been a lot easier than jail time! 




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