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8 Ultimate Marriage Proposal Fails #ProposalFail

Every girl imagines a romantic proposal. You might not want the big showy live on TV or flashmob kind of thing, but you want it to be romantic and lovingly thought out. But what if the stage is set for the most romantic proposal of all time and then something goes wrong or, even worse, she says "No"?

We take a look at 10 proposal fails that will make you cringe, laugh or want to give the proposer a big old hug.

A complete washout

Like many things in life, you can put lots of planning into something and the world will just mess everything up. We've seen how weddings and water are not a good combination, and it looks like the same can be said about proposals...


This proposal could have made the list of most romantic moments ever if Mother Nature hadn't turned up and kicked some butts!


The public rejection

Proposals done in public and in front of large crowds can sometimes seem like an intrusion of privacy. You're having a nice day out then suddenly all eyes are on you. That can leave anyone feeling exposed especially if you're not the marrying type. If you say no in front of a crowd you're always gonna come off the villain - but it's better to say "No" if that's how you really feel. 


All fall down!

When the proposal comes it's a lot to take in. We already noted that there are dozens of eyes on you, there's the pressure of saying yes, and then on top of all that the whole thing is being caught on camera! Who can blame this poor girl for reacting this way...


Hitting the wrong notes

There are so many romantic places a man can get down on one knee and ask for his true-love's hand in marriage. Then there are places which can kill the mood of any proposal. Unless somewhere has a special meaning to you as a couple you should avoid everyday locations like the mall. We can't think of anywhere less romantic!


More falling down

Ice, ice baby! Ice skating is a super romantic thing to do on a date. Unless you were sent to skating lessons as a child, it usually involves holding hands (or anything that's nearby when you feel yourself falling). That's why an ice rink is the perfect place for the proposal, well if it wasn't for the ice...


On with the show

Some guys want a captive audience when they pop the question, so getting up on stage is gonna guarantee that for sure! But it can backfire if the answer is “No” – think of all those people watching with their phones set to record. We feel really bad for this poor guy… 


Pretend it isn't happening

We can all get caught up in a moment when our team is on top! But when you’re live on TV and hyped about the game you probably shouldn't drop a proposal in, especially in this really unromantic way. Check out her reaction, we wonder what happened next!


In the dog house

As we said, despite all the hard work you put into your proposal there are so many outside factors you don’t think about. We have heard about some beautiful proposals where the family dog has been a part of the moment, but we all know that animals don’t usually stick with the plan. This dog probably thought he was being helpful, but he wasn’t...


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