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8 Ultimate Wedding Ring Fails! #WEDDINGRINGFAIL

We’ve seen that a lot can go wrong during a wedding, but wedding rings and their exchange seems like one of the simplest parts of the day. But we’ve found lots of evidence to prove that this isn’t the case!

Check out these 10 wedding ring fails that are everything from funny to frightening.

Water wedding fail

Water + wedding = disaster! While you will get the beautiful photos and amazing sunsets, when you have a wedding ceremony near water there are lots of risks. Drop a ring in a church and you should be OK. Drop a ring near water and ‘Splash!’ Check out this couple who learnt this the hard way.


Ring drop fail

As well as the sweaty palms and butterflies in stomach, shaking hands are one of the side effects of wedding nerves. While everyone thinks the groom is most likely to drop the ring, brides are just as likely to have a blunder at the altar. This poor bride had a little slip, but what came next nobody expected! 


Shaggy dog story

Pets are notorious for eating things they shouldn’t, and plenty of vets have stories of dogs that have eaten something they aren’t supposed to. Horatio the dog was brought into the Foothills Animal Hospital after swallowing something shiny, which he had recently developed an appetite for.  After radiographing Horatio’s stomach they found his owner’s missing ring! Thankfully he was able to ‘pass’ it without trouble and the owner and ring were reunited. 


Bridge of fail

Before the wedding ring comes the engagement ring, and while we’ve seen there are lots of things go wrong while proposing, you have gotta feel for this poor guy. He didn’t just drop the ring - he dropped the ring off the Brooklyn Bridge! But it wasn’t a complete fail, there was someone on hand to save the day! 


Garage sale fail

When Racquel Cloutier of Laguna Niguel, California went into labor, she put her ring in an old watch box for safekeeping. But while she was at the hospital her husband Eric accidently put the box with the ring to be sold at a neighborhood garage sale. The $23,000 ring was then sold for $5! When Racquel returned home and searched for the ring she discovered what had happened. Alyssa Loussau, who bough the watch box, discovered the ring when her husband emptied the box when looking for lost keys.  She kindly tracked down Racquel and returned the ring. Thankfully it was a happy ending.  

Stolen ring fail

While buying a ring can take a large chunk of your salary, but one guy broke the law to the rules to impress the love of his life. Donald Albritton stole his ex-girlfriend's engagement ring swiped the ring while she made Thanksgiving dinner and then gave it to his wife in an effort to ‘patch up his marriage.’ Unsurprisingly he was charged with one count of theft. 


Hope nobody notices

You had one job! This kid was given the job of holding the wedding rings during the ceremony. Although it’s a lot of responsibility it’s not that exciting, and what does a kid do when they’re bored? They get restless. So you have a kid that’s bored with a box of rings. We could see what was going to happen next…



Ring in sand fail

Erin Carrozzo from New York was at Robert Moses State Park when her wedding and engagement rings went missing. Understandably she was heart-broken especially as she never ever took her rings off. She frantically searched the sand where it fell, but there was no sign of it.  But this story has a happy ending. Retired FDNY firefighter Mike Cogan detected the ring two days after it was lost with his metal detector. He wrote about his find on Craigslist, but nobody responded, so he posted a photo on Facebook. That’s when one of Erin’s friends saw the picture and tagged her in the post. Erin and Mike were able to meet and there was an emotional reunion just in time for Erin’s 10th wedding anniversary.


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