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8 Ultimate Wedding Weather Fails! #WEDDINGWEATHERFAIL

You imagine your dream wedding to be a day filled with sunshine and smiles, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas and will crash a wedding with a serious bang (she's not a woman to be messed with)! When there’s a wedding weather disaster all you can do is smile and carry on regardless – just like these couples! 


The Hurricane Fail

Photographer Jon Dennis says that this wedding took place on a beautiful day in Sheffield, England. But Hurricane Bertha had other ideas! What could have been a wedding disaster turned into what Jon describes as one of the most special and memorable days ever. The bridesmaids look like they were having a lot of fun! 

The dust fail

An outdoor wedding can be one of the most romantic ceremonies you will ever attend, but that all depends on the weather! When you’re dressed in your finery the last thing you want is to get rained on or blown away. This outdoor wedding ceremony went a bit haywire when a dust storm decided to attend. The determined officiator managed to get them through their vows – just about! 


Gone with the wind

Not every bride is affected by extreme weather. Sometimes Mother Nature likes to play a few tricks on us with a little gust of wind. If this bride was late to the church she had a good excuse! Thankfully there were some guys on hand who had a head for heights. 



Batten down the hatches! 

When the wind and rain shows up at your wedding there isn’t much you can do to stop it! You can organize your wedding down to the finest of details, but when a storm is brewing all those ideas are blown over. These brave people try to stop the wind from doing its worst, but are they fighting a losing battle? You decide.


The tornado fail (NSFW)

The sky turns a dark gray and you know something isn’t right – then the sirens begin. There’s a twister on the way! This couple made it through the vows before the tornado hit, but the reception – well, that didn’t fare off so well. What a mess!



The washout fail!

By now we know the weather doesn’t like to play ball when it comes to weddings. But while some brides squeal at the thought of rain and floods, others embrace what Mother Nature throws at them. This bride in Cambridge, England was not going to let a flood ruin her wedding photos! She hitched up her skirt, put on some wellies and waded out to the flooded gardens of the Hotel Felix with new husband (and photographer Mike Thornton). What a legend! 

The thunderstorm fail

When you hear the rumble of thunder in the distance you know there's a storm coming, so you better hurry up your vows before the rain starts to fall. Some of these bridesmaids look a bit worried when they hear the rumbling – but not this bride! She’s determined to get through the vows before the rain comes down.


Let it snow!

While snow isn’t a wedding’s best friend – think delayed flights, blocked roads and the cold weather – it does make for some amazing wedding photos. The snow began to fall while this couple exchanged vows, and rather than stay indoors and keep warm they made the most of it and even had a romantic walk in the crisp white snow. How romantic! 





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