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After the Ring: You're Engaged...Now What?

Congratulations! You found the guy that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. He gave you a ring. You said ‘yes’. It’s all coming together… now what?! Getting engaged is an incredibly exciting and emotional time. You’ve suddenly got a lot of planning to do but you can make it simple by taking it step-by-step. 

Pick up the phone 

There are a few people in your life who should hear the big news directly from you. Don’t just announce your engagement over Facebook or send out a group message. Your parents and best friends will definitely be disappointed if they read about it and see pics of your ring for the first time online. Pick up the phone and shout it! 

Get to the manicurist 

This is your hand’s time to shine! Your fingers are going to be the center of attention so get that chipped nail polish wiped off. You’ll definitely want to share and save some ring pics so prepare your hand for the spotlight. Get in a quick visit to your manicurist and get ready to pose. 

Insure your new asset

A lot of women skip this step and end up seriously regretting it. Figure out your options right away. Add it to your renters' or homeowners' insurance policy or ask the jeweler for a recommendation. It doesn’t matter what your ring cost, you will definitely want to replace it if something happens so be prepared. It’s usually only $1/year for every $100 of value. 

Save the date 

You don’t need to choose the exact wedding date right now but it’s good to decide on a time very early on in your engagement. Talk it through and at least agree on a season. Every will be asking you so it’s nice to say “summer 2016” rather than saying you have no clue.

Start saving

It’s critical to have a budget. The sooner you establish one and start saving for it, the less stressful your wedding planning will be. It’s easy to get carried away in the fantasy but it’s important to think about long-term goals. Finances are one of the biggest causes of marital conflict so open up the lines of communication early and do some serious planning. 

Pick a number 

Before you start planning any other part of your walk down the aisle, it’s important to establish how big your wedding will be. Are you going to head over to the courthouse with your closest friends and family or invite everyone you know to a church ceremony? Of course, it’s all subject to change but at least have a quick chat about what each of you have in mind. 

Create a wedding Pinterest 

Pinterest really is the place to get inspired. It literally takes a second to save things so it’s an easy way to get organized. Consider sharing the board with your future maid of honor if you want some extra help. Having a visual board makes it much easier to stay organized and establish the style of your wedding. 



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