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Beyond the Box Office: Movie Wedding Inspiration

Themed weddings – while they’re not for every couple, there are some people who want nothing more to have a day based on a theme. That theme could be anything from a favorite TV show to a beloved sports team. Seriously, when it comes to a wedding anything goes!

Movies are a big part of our modern lives, whether we’re at the cinema, watching one on TV or streaming a movie on Netflix. We can now watch movies anywhere, anytime. So it’s no surprise that some couples are using their favorite movies as a source of inspiration for their wedding day.

If you’ve decided that a movie wedding is just what you want then you have another dilemma ahead of you – which movie will you choose? We’ve dug deep into the wedding archives for some movie themed weddings that should give you a few ideas.

Star Wars

Lifelong Star Wars fans Joshua and Jennifer decided they wanted their day to be a little bit different. Jennifer said they wanted a day that reflected the and their tastes: “I’m a lifelong Star Wars fan, I knew I had to incorporate my fandom into some of the wedding details.” From the detailing on the bridesmaids gowns to the table names and cake – there were nods to George Lucas’ film series in this Californian wedding. There was one detail that completed the theme: “The cherry on top for both of us was getting Stormtroopers from the 501st Legion to be a part of the wedding. It was an absolute dream come true!

Lord of the Rings

David and Keara took their love for all things fantasy and created a wedding based on Tolkien's classic. They decided on the theme after they joked about it, they then realized it could actually work! Guests were asked to attend in full Tolkien attire, and even the Bridesmaids went to the effort of wearing Elf ears! The bride’s brother in law was the officiant and was dressed as Gandalf, while their ring bearer was dressed in full hobbit attire.

The Little Mermaid

Based on the Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid became a huge hit thanks to the 1989 Disney film. Lots of Disney lovers add elements to their wedding day, from the invitations to their cakes. The Little Mermaid was given the day of her dreams thanks to a collaboration between Your Cloud Parade and model / singer Traci Hines. The wedding was complete with seaside appetizers, a three-tier mermaid tail cake and a stunning beach backdrop and even bridesmaids shell printed t-shirts.

Harry Potter

While they began life as books that were loved by readers of all ages across the globe, Harry Potter was turned into a successful film franchise that won Harry Potter a whole new legion of fans. Meredith Fahey and Joshua Votaw knew they wanted a themed wedding, and being huge Harry Potter fans it was the natural choice. The couple always enjoyed sharing their geeky loves together - the bride even has a Deathly Hallows tattoo on her shoulder. With the help of friends and family they were able to have the day of their dreams within their budget. We think even Hermione Granger would have approved! 


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