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Blame it on the Weatherman! What To Do If It Rains At Your Wedding

When choosing your wedding day no day is guaranteed to be as beautiful as you imagine. You could Google ways of finding online psychics or meteorologist to predict a day when the weather will be radiant and if you believe them, prepare for all eventualities just incase!

Did you know that there is a company in the UK that promise that they can stop rain from ruining couples' wedding days! Their cloud-bursting service involves sending in teams of highly-specialized meteorologists and pilots to fly a light aircraft above the clouds, sprinkling them with silver particles, causing the clouds to burst and vanish before the big day. This method was used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, by Paul McCartney at one of his gigs in 2003 and at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding in 2012, to guarantee perfect weather on that special day. So if you have an unlimited budget for your big day then we so go for it! 

But we know the weather isn't always going to play ball.  Here are five reasons why rain is not always your friend....

Because you care for your hair

You have made it through all those bad hair days of your youth and have now managed to grow and style your hair to within an inch of your life for this very important day. Hairdressers have washed, scrubbed, blow dried, curled, straightened, overpowered you with hairspray. Then three drops of rain have turned you into a Pomeranian fritz within seconds. Give us a break! 

The perfect entrance

This is the moment every bride ponders over months before her wedding. How do I make my grande entrance? This is not usually met with the idea of running like an Olympic athlete to the front door between rain or hail showers. This should be a slow motion strut not a fast paced puddle dodging. Sometimes reality sucks.

The photographs


You have paid the photographer for exquisite shots of intimate places on the day, instead all your images look like you have never seen the light of day. Not to worry bask in the natural surroundings grab an umbrella and go posing in the rain! It'll make your day much more memorable! 


Abandoning the outside festivities


Fireworks, beach parties outdoor barbeques all tend to lose their appeal when there is a downpour coming from the sky.You and your guests will not want to be left out stuck in the cold and rain for the sake of it - so always have a plan B just incase. Sure, it could be a lot worse!


Rethink the footwear 


The idea of designer wedding shoes changing to waterproof boots is not really a thought process many brides have. If mother nature is not complying with your Louboutin fantasies then maybe try something new and don the must have for farmers fishermen and all those who brave the elements 365 days a year! 


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