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Booze-Free Bachelorettes? No Problem!

Though bachelorette parties have a reputation for being raucous and, very often, a little bit drunken, there's no rule that says you have to have alcohol at your bachelorette. For whatever reason, you may want to keep your bachelorette party tee-total: perhaps one of your 'maids is pregnant and you don't want her to feel left out; maybe your Maid of Honor is in AA and you want to respect her recovery; or how about if you just don't drink alcohol, so you want a clean do?

The traditional lore of bachelorette parties usually includes some form of "entertainment", a lot of booze and a lot more embarrassing games! So how do you translate that fun into a booze-free do? We have a few ideas...

Take a dance class

There's nothing more exhilarating (or rewarding!) than taking part in a group dance class, where you're all swaying, stomping and sashaying to the same beat. Have your 'maids dress in a theme - say, your college colors or Sex and the City-style, to add extra hilarity to proceedings. If you have enough gals in attendance, you could book a private dance class with a hip-hop instructor so it's just you and your ladies in the room (and no one will feel self-conscious about their two left feet!).

Go for afternoon tea

This can be an in or out proposition; take yourselves to a fancy hotel, dressed up to the nines, for afternoon tea: a selection of sandwiches, cakes and tea and coffee, usually with English scones and clotted cream. Delicious! You can always do this at home, too, if you want to have something a little more laidback.

Plan a picnic

Sometimes, spending a day outdoors with your nearest and dearest can leave you feeling so calm and content, it's shocking that we don't all do it more often! Why not pack up a picnic for you and your girlfriends and head into the countryside for the afternoon? Bring sandwiches, sweet snacks and home-made lemonaded - and, if you're feeling really brave, a bat and ball so you can play baseball in between courses!

Of course, each of these options can be done with booze, too - but it's not necessary, and even if you are having alcohol at your bachelorette, it's often a great idea to incorporate a booze-free activity, early on, rather than cracking into the Champagne at midday!


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