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Bored? 5 Things to do on your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is such an incredibly special time - you get to relax after all the stress of wedding planning and spend some dedicated one-on-one time with your new husband in an incredible location you've planned together. So what happens if you get there and, a few days in, realize that you're just, well, a little bored?

Don't worry! It happens us all - and there is no rule that says you should have the BEST! TIME! EVER! for the duration of your break. Still, the ideal scenario is to spend your time doing things you'll both enjoy and relishing the time together as newlyweds. With that in mind, we've come up with a few ideas to fill the time, have fun and make some great memories.

Rent bikes

Bike-riding is one of the safest, cleanest and most fun ways to get around any city - except, maybe, Calcutta, where traffic takes on a whole new meaning! Rent bikes for the two of you, pack up your lunch and go exploring! Remember to wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water in case you end up a little off the beaten track (on which note, bring some tissues, too - you just never know when nature will call!).

Make a vlog

Ordinarily, we baulk at the idea of couples' videos smugly sharing their joy with the world - but you will have one honeymoon and one chance to record it, so why not make a time capsule out of at least one of your days on honeymoon? Most phones take video now, so you can shoot short snippets of all of your activities: waking up, having breakfast, exploring the area, going for dinner... If nothing else, it'll be a great memento to show your kids one day!

Be tourists for the day

Wherever you go on your honeymoon, there is going to be loads to explore - so go and explore it! Hop on one of those city bus tours (which are great fun and a wonderful way to get to know the area), take plenty of couple selfies and at least walk by every tourist attraction in the region. You may not want to pay the $20 to explore within or climb on top, but you can still get to see the sites that make world travel so interesting!

Eat breakfast in bed

This isn't just an excuse to get your new husband to wait on you (promise) - but lazing around in the morning, eating a leisurely breakfast in bed, and chatting about your plans (for your home, for your family, for your future or just for the day ahead) is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a morning on your honeymoon, with none of the distractions or pressures of everyday life back home. 

Treat yourselves

So you've blown the budget on the wedding and just about managed to keep some for your honeymoon - a great idea is to set enough cash aside so that you can go for a really great slap-up meal at least once on your honeymoon. Who cares if you end up eating salads in the apartment for the rest of your stay? Take time and money to go for a five-star dining experience and really enjoy the ambience, food and decadence of it all. Any relationship still needs a "date night", and this can be the first of what will hopefully be hundreds of date nights for you two!


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