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From Engagement to Wedding: The Bridal Beauty Countdown

The first time you consider the focus on your appearance as you approach your wedding is when you wear your engagement ring for the first time. Suddenly, everyone wants to look at your brand new sparkler, and all you can notice are your ragged cuticles and dry palms.

Nobody wants to be the most bedraggled bride of 2015, but there’s no need to worry. Most couples wait over a year between getting engaged and getting married, so the good news is that there’s still plenty of time.

A year? Yes, we know that brides organize hair and makeup on the day – and you might think that is the only preparation that needs to be done. But, taking your beauty routine a little more seriously and adding some extra steps as soon as you get engaged will have you looking and feeling your best once you wedding day arrives.

Newly engaged - your first nod to pre-bridal beauty might be getting a manicure that shows off your ring to the best effect. Try carrying around a small bottle of hand cream, or sweet almond oil that you can rub into your hands, whether sitting at your desk, waiting for a train or relaxing in the evening. 

It might not be something you had ever considered, but dry brushing is the latest fad that has some science behind its claims. Brushing your body will shed any waste lingering on your skin, while also exfoliating and reducing cellulite. Best of all, it releases stress, so you can brush off any blues in the run up to your wedding. Give this a go a few nights a week for up to a year before.

Did you know that hair only grows half an inch (at most) every month? If your hair is cut in a short style and you always pictured yourself having flowing locks for your wedding, be realistic about the amount of time it will take your hair to grow before the big day. Brides should also factor in frequent trims to make sure the hair you do have is in good condition once you have achieved your desired length.

While we are talking about hair, try and resist any dramatic colour changes to your colour. Continue with your hair colouring appointments, and any small changes should be made weeks before the wedding, so that you can change it if you aren’t happy. Now is not the time to go from brunette to blonde! Consider showing your stylist your veil or anything you plan to wear in your hair. If there’s a particular style you would like on your wedding day, try and find a picture of what you would like – it will save any tears later when the hairdresser didn’t understand your description of what you want.

Aside from your trips to the hairdresser, a bride-to-be should take care of her hair at home by using a deep conditioning treatment once a week, and get her last trim three weeks before the wedding, so that any blunt ends have some time to grow out. 

It’s six months to the big day, and brides should now start either having or giving herself facials every 4 to six weeks. Many women attend their own skin care expert, but there are also a huge range of clay masks available to use at home, which will help brides with acne or oily skin. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can also help when it comes to caring for skin.

Facials are important and can add something extra to your skincare routine, but avoid using too many new products or switching up your skincare routine if it works for you. Using a new cleanser can wreak havoc if a bride has an allergic reaction. Don’t use too many abrasive products, and treat your skin delicately.

There’s some upkeep which is better left to the professionals, and eyebrow shaping is one of these. Even if you have never had your eyebrows professionally shaped before, it can really make a difference to your look. Well shaped brows can lift your eye and complement your cheekbones. So if you decide to go to a beautician for your brows, step away from the tweezers after in case you undo all the good work!

Eyelash tinting and extensions are also becoming popular with brides who want to save time during make up on the day itself. Who wants to worry about smudged mascara or fake eyelashes falling off during the ceremony? While you might not usually tint your eyelashes, think of it as a treat to give yourself before your wedding, which will last the entire way through the honeymoon.

The last bit of advice on your beauty countdown which every bride should accept with open arms is if you are planning to wear fake tan for your wedding, have a trial run beforehand. A sun kissed glow does wonders for lots of brides, but guests should notice the dress, not the lurid shade of your skin. Apply some fake bake, avoid the Oompa Loompa effect at all costs.

There’s no beauty treatment or preparation that can replace the glow that comes from being happy and in love on your wedding, so don’t forget to relax and enjoy the experience!


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