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10 Things To Do Before You Get Married

Even as children we fantasized about getting married. We dreamed about our husband-to-be, the magic of the day, and wedded bliss. Given all the hype surrounding finding 'The one' and getting hitched, we often forget to focus on all the awesome things we can do before we go from Miss to Mrs.

In every marriage there are two people who have done some tremendous things before they took the next step in the relationship. While marriage is amazing, it does mean that you have to consider your other half instead of just throwing caution to the wind. So it's not a bad idea to come up with a bucket list of things you want to do while you're still a Miss. Check out our list of ideas to inspire your own bride-to-be bucket list.

Go travelling 

Some say that travel is the best education, and we think they're right! By seeing the world you get to experience different cultures, climates and people, as well as taking you completely out of your comfort zone. There's something liberating, eye-opening and bond-making about going with your best friends, or husband-to-be, and the memories of that crazy trip to Vegas or Ibiza will give keep you smiling for years to come. 

Live Alone

When you live with your parents, roommates or other half, you can't always live the way you want. When you live alone you get to make your own rules and figure out what way you enjoy living. Time to yourself (even if just for six months) gives you the opportunity to connect and learn about your inner self. Not only that, but you'll become responsible; paying bills, managing money and taking care of yourself.  The skills you gain will be invaluable when you live together as husband and wife.

Face Your Fears

Overcoming challenges helps us grow and builds confidence. Whatever it is - skydiving, taking a class or eating alone in a restaurant - do it! If there's anything you ever thought you wouldn't be able to do you should take on the head and go for it. After all, getting married should be the least scary thing you ever do in life! 

Establish your career

Get started on making your career dreams come true. You may never be able to devote quite as much time and dedication to your job again once you decide to start a family, so whether it is finishing that postgrad or tidying up your resume, now is the time to get started! The longer you wait the tougher it will be.

Try dating

If you're not in a relationship then you should go on some dates before you settle down. Experience the good, the bad and the cringe-worthy dates. It will help you give you an idea of the type of person you want to be with - they don't have to tick every box on the Prince Charming checklist but at least you won't be settling for someone totally opposite to what you like. If you're in a relationship then no matter how long you have together, go on some dates! Go to places you've never been, take a class together or just have a walk in the park. This is the perfect bonding experience!


Simply because you can - you should! Go wild and buy something outrageously expensive before you combine your bank accounts and finances. Don't spend a heap of cash on something practical, either - just something extravagant that is a treat just for you (but, don't get into debt doing it). Set aside a little money from your wages as 'fun money' and just buy something frivolous. Those Christian Louboutin pumps you've had your eye on for ages? Now you're talking!

Learn how to cook

We're not saying you have to be able to produce a five course meal, but it's reassuring to know you can fend for yourself in the kitchen. One of the best parts of stability and settling down is the fact that you don't have to go out every weekend, so learning to cook makes life a lot simpler. You could even take a few classes as a couple! You might even surprise yourself when you begin holding your own dinner parties!

Experiment with your style

Let your fashion flag fly! Remember that bright dress you wanted to buy but decided against it because it just wasn't 'you'? Or that lipstick shade that never left the confines of your make up bag? Now is the time to forget about being self-conscious and rocking those looks that you secretly love. Having fun with your look, and making mistakes along the way, is great fun. Then all those styling ideas you learn, you can use them when choosing your wedding dress!

Deal with heartbreak

There's no pain quite like heartache but nothing else can teach you its lessons. Dealing with a break-up shows you what went wrong in the relationship and how you can prevent it from happening again. The most important thing about heartbreak is that you realize no matter how bad things seem, you will come out the other end and the pain will subside, eventually. Learn from past relationships and you will be a stronger person!

Learn something new

Maybe it was a New Year's Resolution or something you promised yourself a long time ago, but learning a new skill or hobby will give you a sense of accomplishment. Do some DIY, learn to drive, or even sewing: developing new skills helps you grow as a person and is one more thing to add on to your list of awesomeness. 



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