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City or Country: What Kind of Bride are You?

Country weddings are one of the hottest trends at the moment. While we have seen our share of amazing country weddings, they are definitely not for every couple. Before you decide on a country wedding, there are a few important things to consider. 

Location, location, location 

Finding the perfect location for your wedding isn’t just about locking down a stunning venue. Since this is an event for your friends and family, it’s important that everyone can get there fairly easily. Your friends and family might be happy to follow you to the ends of the earth but it’s not so simple. If you live in a small city or on the outskirts of town, it might be easy enough to find an amazing country venue but it can get a bit trickier if most of your guests are based in a major metro area. Destination weddings aside, it’s best to stick within an hour of where you live. 

Going the distance

The issue with country weddings isn’t always the distance but the simple hassle of getting there. Older relatives might not be able to make some hikes and dress shoes are never great for serious treks. You might want to make this easier for people by organizing transport. You can make the logistic issue much simplier if there is a central location where people can meet then travel together in a hired van or maybe even a golf cart (depending on how rural you are thinking). 

Your couple style

Obviously the wedding venue should work with your wedding theme. One of the major perks of a country wedding is its natural beauty. If you are in a stunning meadow or on quaint farm, you might not need to add a single flower. If you are going to go for a country wedding, find a location that works with your style as a couple. Have an autumn wedding surrounded by falling leaves. Dig into a sustainable dinner that grew right underneath your wedding table. Don’t just pick a random location that looks nice. Find something that really suits your style. 

Stay practical 

There are a few things to contend with in the great outdoors. Don’t leave guests covered in bug bites with their heels stuck in the dirt. Think about what people might need to deal with during your wedding and plan for it. Consider things like the hot sun, muddy grounds and buggy areas. Tell your guests what they should expect long before the wedding and consider providing some basic essentials. If it’s summer, print your wedding program on personal fans. Provide bug spray or flip flops as wedding favors. 

Plan ahead 

One plus to using a traditional wedding venue is that they often have coordinators. You might pay a bit more for their help but they are old pros. If you go for a country venue, you will likely need to deal with everything your own. In this case, it’s definitely worth considering working with a wedding planner. Beyond just the time that it takes to plan, there are a lot of things that you only learn after you plan a few weddings.



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