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Cool It! Coping With Wedding-Day Stress

We talk all the time about just how wonderful, magical, romantic and perfect your wedding day is - but who are we kidding? While your big day will undoubtedly be all of those things, there's no doubting that you will also encounter moments of stress, when things aren't going as planned and you feel like you might just blow a fuse! Here are some quick fixes for when you feel as if you might be hulking out on your 'maids, your man or your mother-in-law!


So your place settings are looking a little crooked, the wait staff have ignored the top table for 30 minutes and the Champagne has yet to be served - these are not your problems any more. If you've hired a wedding planner, it's her job to solve these problems, so let her know what's on your mind and she'll fix it in no time. If you're going it alone, speak to your maid of honor, your Mom or one of your 'maids. Ask them to have a word with the wedding coordinator at the venue and, if needs be, to go backstage and do some wrangling, so you can back to the business of being the bride. 


It's the simplest solution in the world, but quite often, a drink of water can make things a whole lot clearer! So you're feeling super-stressed for no reason? Chances are, you're over-excited and dehydrated. Take a large drink of ice-cold water and count to 10.

Time out

Taking some time out for you and your new husband is one of the most important things you can do on a day when all eyes are on you, and not always in the right way! You may find yourself being asked all sorts of things: where are the bathrooms? Should the canapés be served now? When is the band coming out? Leave someone else to field the questions and step away from the hubbub with your new hubs for some R'n'R. You can easily slip away for up to 20 minutes without being rude and enjoy this time together as newlyweds.


If you know you're prone to feeling a little anxious in high-stress situations, take some precautionary measures. Have one of your 'maids carry a small bottle of water in your purse, along with some painkillers in case the anxiety goes to your head. Assign some tasks and share the responsibility for aspects of the day that could potentially go wrong: perhaps your maid of honor can be the one to keep an eye on timings, while another of your 'maids looks after the band (it's never a bad idea to offer them a drink of water early into their set!) and a third keeps an eye on your mother-in-law!

Have a backup

In the event that something goes really wrong with some aspect of your day, try to have a plan B, whether that's having a "reception dress" hanging in your wardrobe, just in case, or ensuring your husband has a second clean shirt to wear in case his original gets stained or overly perspirated! Bring flat shoes in case your wedding shoes start to pinch, make sure your maid of honor has makeup on hand for occasional touch-ups and bring bobby and safety pins along, too. 


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