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5 Crazy but Awesome Wedding Theme Ideas

Looking for the perfect wedding theme that's a bit different? The question is how different do you want it to be? On your wedding day you can go as crazy as you like, whether it's a geek-fest of a wedding or a Disney spectacular you do your wedding your day!

Check out these crazy but awesome wedding themes!

Lili di Prima

Photo: Lili di Prima

Pet themed wedding

You love your four-legged friends, so why not make them the theme of your wedding. There are so many ways to include your four-legged friend in your wedding day, from the save the dates to having your pooch as ring bearer. We're not sure your feline friend will be up to the job!

 Superhero Lego Minifigure Boutonnieres

Photo: Elegance on the Avenue

Superhero wedding

At some point in life everyone has dreamed of being a superhero – so why not make that amazing day your wedding day! There are so many ways to work a superhero theme, from your invitations to your outfits. How about Superman and Supergirl meeting at the altar!

Photo: Anna Peklova

Sports themed wedding

You love sports as much as you love each other, but how about combining the two? You might not think combining your two loves is the best idea because weddings and sports are polar opposites, but trust us it's an amazing idea!

Photo: BluIz60

Zombie wedding

This might sound crazy, but if you're horror film buffs or having a Halloween wedding then a zombie wedding is the perfect theme. Take some inspiration from Tim Burton and embrace your inner Corpse Bride!

Photo: Cupcakes by SJ

Lego themed wedding

Lego has seen something of a resurgence in recent years and people are reliving the joy that those colorful blocks brought them when they were young. So while a Lego themed wedding might not sound like a fairytale it's definitely a dream come true!


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