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Crisis Averted: How to Get Rid of Stains on Your Wedding Dress

The big day has arrived! Your beautiful dress that has taken endless hours of shopping to find and numerous fittings in bridal boutiques is finally on you. Then, just as you are about to stroll down the aisle, all havoc breaks loose... someone needs to come to the rescue! Stains come in all shapes and sizes and always appear the exact moment you don't want them to. In the majority of cases white dresses are the hardest to clean and cover up, but we have done some research to help you get the gown back to its former glory.

First thing's first - it is vitally important that you dab and never rub a stain, as it will always make the mark seep into the core material and cause the problem to escalate quickly. It is also best to avoid bleach pens when dealing with white dresses as they will affect the dress immediately and no one will be expecting the bride to wear yellowish-white. We at Dreamwedding wanted to find out what stains are the most common and how to ensure the photographs look as if nothing had ever happened!*

Red wine stains

We've all heard of the 'pour white wine over red wine' theory, but when dealing with your wedding dress it is crucial not to listen that advice. Instead seek out a carbonated water such as soda water or club soda and dab into the material.

Make-up stains

Foundation, fake tan and runny eyeliner are the biggest culprits of stains on your wedding day, be it your own or that of an emotional relative while embracing. One theory is that if you spray dry shampoo on the back of the affected material and blotting it with a paper towel can make the stain disappear. But be careful that you don't spread the stain and make it bigger than it was to begin with!

Oil based stains

Got something oily on your dress? To remove the greasy marks left by oils simply dust a small amount of white baby powder on the stain in order to absorb the remaining oil and take the greased look from your dress.

Unwanted odors

Sometimes the storage of your wedding dress before the big day leaves a lingering smell that might not be what you have had in mind for your groom to get a sniff of. To get rid of this pour some vodka and water together into a spray bottle and spray it very sparingly on the material and leave it to air. You can turn the dress inside out if you want to be extra careful!

Waxy stains

Candles are often lingering around on wedding days to create ambiance but this can also create a threat of getting wax based stains. The best option to deal with these marks is to find baby wipes and gently wipe toward the bottom of the dress instead of upwards. Ice cubes will harden the wax and then using a knife, carefully scrape it off.

After all these treatments have been administered to your unfortunate stains, dry the area with a hairdryer and you will be back in business! Hold the hairdryer at least six inches away from the dress though as a burn mark will only add to your problems not help them! Even though hindsight is a wonderful thing, our main advice here is don't put on your dress until the very last minute to avoid unnecessary drama! Have any stain-cleaning tips?

Let us know in the comment section below!

*It is important to use your discretion when cleaning a stain because cleaning results can depend on a variety of factors*


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